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Teaching Rebecca tells the story of a young woman in the early 19th century. Recently orphaned, Rebecca is placed in a school by her uncle who wants nothing to do with her. Upon his death, she discovers that she has no options other than the one offered by the headmaster. She is quickly stripped of her station and becomes just another servant below stairs. Life is hard but she is determined to make the most of a bad situation. Rebecca spends her days toiling for others and doing all that she can to avoid Miss Lambert, the headmistress who has taken an intense dislike to the small woman. No one expected anyone to come to Rebecca’s rescue. On the day of her eighteen birthday, she is called into the headmaster’s office where her life undergoes yet another major upheaval.
Eager to escape, Rebecca finds herself agreeing to wed a man she has never seen before. As soon as the ink on the parchment is dry her new husband informs her that he has no need for a typical wife but that he will . . .

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When twenty-­four-­year-­old Jane Knight is assigned wealthy, handsome businessman Sawyer Masterson’s table at the upscale restaurant where she works, she quickly finds herself breathless, blushing, and tongue-­tied, and it is only his warm, calming demeanor that keeps her from humiliating herself completely. What truly catches her off guard, however, is the card he leaves behind to let her know that he would like to be the daddy she clearly needs so desperately.
The mere thought of a strict daddy taking her in hand—and over his knee—leaves Jane’s heart racing and her panties soaked, but when Sawyer bares her bottom for the first spanking of her life it is only the beginning of his plans for her. He is going to teach her to be his obedient little girl, and she is going to discover the pleasure of being made to do exactly as daddy says.
Publisher’s Note: Daddy Says includes spankings, sexual scenes, age play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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