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approx 6000 words*Taboo lactation incest erotica
Melissa made some money being a surrogate mother. But that money was gone - and she was still lactating! She didn't want to stop...­but she needed to make ends meet! Maybe Daddy could help her out? But how could she pay him back without a job? "I'm sure we can work something out,­" He'd told her...­Melissa knew what he wanted - and she had it! Taboo!

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approx 14,­100 words. taboo doggy sex. Nick and Brett and Heather left the prom early for a long-­planned sex-­capade! Someone is watching them in the woods, their car won't park and a wrecker is conveniently parked on the side of the highway! What happens when a porn-­producing farm family takes back to the farm? I'll tell you - they are forced on the farm! Dubious consent sex, doggy sex.

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*Taboo erotic. Approx 9900 words. Taboo farm animal sex.
Lacy's mother is tired of her daughter's wild and slutty ways. She takes Lacy to the farm for wicked Uncle John to correct. Forced to live naked with 1 other woman and 3 men, they are there to work and to breed with Uncle John and any farm animal that can catch them off guard! Join Lacy as discovers that she loves life on the farm!

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approx 7800 words. Brother and sister, Jeff and Shari, home from college on spring break. Peeking through a cracked door, Jeff discovers his sister being pleasured by the family dog. Realizing he should be disgusted, Jeff is troubled by how turned on he is as he watches and jerks off. He wants in on it, wants sis to do with him what she does with their dog. Taboo incest & canine sex.

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approx. 6500 word erotic short. Debra is undercover & hot on the trail of Prof Jordan Cassidy, animal behaviorist. Taking his class, she's learning to wear a dog collar, take a dog dildo, and how to be a sexually obedient 'bitch'! When the professor uses Debra to demonstrate the pains & exquisite pleasures of a dog dildo, will she lose her way? Warning: Dog dildos can be habit forming!

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*Taboo Bestiality* Book 1. For Shanna's next assignment, she's to be bait! She'll be kidnapped so that she can find out how the an illegal outfit is using dogs to generate huge amounts of money. But Shanna gets a lot closer to the dog in question than she thinks she will - and becomes his bitch! And what about her boss's penchant for ponies? WARNING: This erotic short story features sexual acts between woman and a dog. All characters are over the age of eighteen. You must be of legal age in your area to continue reading this story. Bestiality is not legal in all areas. Check your local and federal laws to determine its legality in your area before purchasing this story.

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Taboo Bestiality, approx 12,­000 words. Book 2. Picking up where Book 1 left off - Shanna's staged kidnapping has gone awry! Or has it? Her boss enjoys seeing Shanna's escapades with her captor's dog - but her boss really wants to see Shanna be ridden - by her pony! Nasty and naughty, book 2 takes you where book 1 left off! Shanna new loves: dogs and ponies!

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Erotic short 10,­500 words. Penny can cover her books and tuition but she needs room and board. When she answers an ad placed by Professor Jordan Cassidy, animal behaviorist, she thinks she might have found the perfect solution. The professor and his four Rottweilers couldn't agree more! Join Penny on her erotic canine adventure-­may you enjoy it as much as Penny did! Warning: taboo doggy erotica

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Kat and Hank and Max, Hank's mastiff, have moved in together. The move is complete, the happy couple are getting frisky in the shower - the night should be a sexual success! But Hank remembers he hasn't fed Max..­then Hank gets a phone call - someone has broken into his office and he has to go downtown! Kat is left alone and horny and frustrated and mad at Hank & his dog... until his dog gets nosy!

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approx 6200 word Lactation Erotica short story
Ben Lindley likes women who lactate - has a thing for them - is willing to pay for a chance to Milk Maria!
*Erotic milking/lactation fantasy sex - go on, you know you want to....

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