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approx 10,­600 words. Taboo horse and incest erotica. The porn flick operation is in full swing. Randy, Heather's cop brother, gets wind of what his sister is doing and with what animals! Randy wants to watch but ends up blowing his cover! Things only get wilder! Will Randy get to 'do' his sister? Will Heather enjoy her stallion? Will Junior train Randy to be a good cop or a very bad cop? Join in!

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approx 5200 words. Taboo canine erotica. It's down to Denise and three other girls! Naked and chained to the floor in the basement kennel in the professor's home! Each day the Master and the trainers turn the dogs loose - and each day, one of the girls is chose by the horny Rottweilers and initiated into the pack. But has Denise been a bad girl? A bad slut-­puppy?

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approx 8700 words. The Turners were having problems in bed until good Doc Morrow prescribed Sleep Sex Pills! Candace Turner wanted to have sex - she wanted to so badly - but she just couldn't, at least that's what she told husband Jerry....­But when Doc Morrow prescribed his miraculous Sleep Sex Pills, Jerry could do anything he wanted! And when Jerry invited his friends, things really get nasty!

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5000 word short. Carson Miller, fit and 59, needs a maid. That's all he needed. But that's not what he got. Sylvia, 18 year old schoolgirl will run errands and do light cleaning. The minute she heard his voice on the phone, she knew she wanted to do more than clean for this man. A sexy older man/younger woman erotic fantasy. Warning: Explicit sex/May-­December

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1 big breasted, lactating fairy maid + 1 giant, well-­hung Wood Nymph horny for a lactating fairy maid = One VERY nasty fairy tale!
Can a huge hairy wood nymph's cock possibly fit inside a tiny fairy maid? Will his massive cock rip her in two?
Not all fairy tales have a happy ending - but they do usually end with someone getting fucked by a fairy-­tale-­sized DICK!
Keep one hand free....

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approx 11,­500 words Taboo Farm Animal erotica. Heather and Nick and Brett are still on the porn film farm! Everyone has their turn! Nick and Brett are so turned on by Junior doing his sister that they give each other a turn! And in this raunchy episode the 'boys' are introduced to calf-­sucking. No teeth and one heck of a suction, a calf is the ultimate blow job machine! Keep your toy chest handy!

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*Babysitter Erotica-­short story approx. 4700 words*
David Blake, horny and 41 father of two.
Hot wife.
Hotter babysitter.
Can he resist? Does he want to resist? What do you think?
Hot sex with the babysitter! Be ready to take a cold shower - enjoy!

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approx 14,­100 words. Taboo Dog and Stallion Erotica.
Damien is in trouble with a loan shark! Little sister Claire is expelled from the Academy when she's caught "doing the guard dog"! Damien strikes a deal with a gangster that includes his little sister banging one of her own father's Kentucky Derby stallions! So much trouble as Claire fucks a guard dog, blows her brother, fucks the butler & more!

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Approx 5200 words. When Patty Miller met Mario the scam man, she thought she'd found the solution to her problems! His mail order bride scam, with Patty posing as 'Greta, the Russian Mail Order Bride', would have them raking in some serious dough in no time! But one horny customer outsmarted them both and made off with Patty, quickly turning her into his mail order slut! No hole left unstretched!

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approx 5500 words. Ellen Stone, young and innocent and heiress to a substantial fortune, has been kidnapped and delivered into the capable hands of off-­the-­grid Jake Marks. He has been hired to prepare the girl for sex trafficking already sold to a predetermined buyer. Jake will break her down. And then he will rebuild Miss High and Mighty into a submissive sex-­slave.

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