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1 books of Dee Dawning, Jordana Winters, Lynn Lake, Teresa Joseph Gwen Masters

A collection of five erotic stories with mixed themes. Well Suited by Jordana Winters Nothing turns Brooke on more than a man in a suit " least of all after four months without sex. So the menswear department of her local Macys seems as good as place as any to end her dry patch. And though Richard is hot in the smart suit hes wearing, Brookes convinced he could look even hotter in another so its to the changing room to check out his birthday suit. Flash Flood by Lynn Lake This holiday to Australia is her first trip out of Canada, and her boyfriend breaking his leg on a drunken prank days before departure isnt going to stop her enjoying it. After a day relaxing on a nudist beach, she develops a crush on 100 tanned, blonde Australian couple Kylie and Guy and cant wait to get back to her hotel to intimately play out her fantasies. But just on the brink of climax, the couple on the neighbouring balcony want to turn the fantasy into reality. Bananaz Me by Dee Dawning Its not every day . . .

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