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Born into one of the leading Mob families in Chicago, Aria Scuderi struggles to find her own path in a world where no choices are given. Aria was only fifteen when her parents betrothed her to Luca The Vice Vitiello, the oldest son of the head of the New York Cosa Nostra to ensure peace between the two families. Now at eighteen, the day Aria has been dreading for years is looming dangerously: her wedding to Luca. Aria is terrified of marrying a man she hardly knows, especially someone like Luca who got his nickname the Vice for crushing a man’s throat with his bare hands. Luca might be one of the most sought after men in New York thanks to his good looks, wealth and predator-­like charisma that radiates power, but the society girls throwing themselves at him don’t know what Aria does: that the bad boy aura isn’t just a game; blood and death lurk beneath Luca’s striking gray eyes and arrogant smile.­In her world a handsome exterior often hides the monster within; a monster who can . . .

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Dante The Boss Cavallaro’s wife died four years ago. On the verge of becoming the youngest head in the history of the Chicago mafia, Dante needs a new wife and Valentina was chosen for the role. Valentina lost her husband, too, but her first marriage had always been for show. When she was eighteen, she agreed to marry Antonio in order to hide the truth: that he was gay and in love with an outsider. Even after his death, she kept his secret, not only to preserve the honor of a dead man, but also to protect herself. But now that she’s about to marry Dante, her castle of lies threatens to crash. Dante is only thirty-­six but already feared and respected in the Familia, and he’s notorious for always getting what he wants. Valentina is terrified the wedding night will reveal her secret, but her worries prove unfounded when Dante shows her the cold shoulder. Soon her fear is replaced by confusion and indignation. Valentina is tired of being ignored. She’s determined to get Dante’s . . .

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When Gianna watched her sister Aria getting married to a man she barely knew, she promised herself she wouldn’t let the same thing happen to her. Matteo The Blade Vitiello set his eyes on Gianna the moment he saw her on his brother Luca’s wedding, and Rocco Scuderi is more than willing to give his daughter to him, but Gianna has no intention of marrying for any other reason than love. A few months before the wedding, Gianna escapes her bodyguards and runs away. She has enough money to flee to Europe and begin a new life. But staying undetected when the mob is searching for her is a challenge that takes everything, especially as one of their best hunters and assassins is after her: Matteo Vitiello. After six months on the run, Gianna finally settles into a tentative routine in Munich, but then Matteo and a couple of her father’s soldiers find her with another man. Despite her pleads they kill her boyfriend, and Gianna is forced to marry Matteo. Her emotions alternating between . . .

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“Some things aren't meant to be broken, and therefore can't be mended, ever. I was one of those things. Whatever had been shattered in the incident would never be whole again.­” Amber struggles with the memories of a cruel attack that destroyed her life years ago. Realizing that she’s close to ending it all, something she promised her family to never try again, she moves in with her brother Brian and his friend Zachary to start a new life, and maybe even college. But how can she possibly live a normal life, when even a hug from her brother sends her into a panic attack? While Brian pulls back, Zach seems determined to make her feel relaxed in his presence, and soon her longing to be near him is stronger than her fear. But how can someone like Zach, someone who can have any girl, want someone like her? Someone broken. When Zach spots Amber for the very first time, he can’t believe she is the same girl his friend Brian described as broken. Suddenly, Zach wants to give up his . . .

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Liliana Scuderi has been in love with Romero from the moment she first saw him. After her sisters were married off for tactical reasons, she hopes she might be allowed to choose a husband for herself, but when her father promises her to a man more than twice her age that hope is crushed. No begging can make him change his mind. Romero has always ignored Lily’s flirting. Her age and status made her off-­limits but even someone as dutiful as him has only so much control. Wanting her when she’s supposed to marry another man could mean war between New York and the Chicago Outfit, and Romero has always put the Cosa Nostra first. Lily suspects her sisters and Romero would risk everything for her, but is her happiness worth that much? Is love worth a war between the Cosa Nostra and the Outfit?

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Living in a dank one room apartment and working as a waitress in a shabby bar, Nora didn’t think her life could get any worse. But that’s before sexy-­as-­hell Adrian Black moves into the apartment across from her bedroom window and she’s caught spying on him having sex. Now he has set his eyes on her. Not falling prey to his panty-­dropping smiles proves to be a challenge Nora isn’t sure she’s ready for – especially since the most action she ever had are the butt slaps from leery customers at work. An encounter with Adrian involving a healthy dose of pent-­up tension and too much alcohol leads to an awkward night that none of them will likely forget. But it’s only the beginning...

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Matteo – The Blade – Vitiello set his eyes on Gianna the moment he saw her on his brother’s wedding, and Rocco Scuderi is more than willing to give his daughter to him, but Gianna has no intention of marrying for any other reason than love. Before the wedding, Gianna runs away to begin a new life. But staying undetected when the mob is searching for her is a challenge that takes everything.

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Bound by temptation ---> expected publication date: 27th July 2015

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Bound by Temptation comes out " August 27"

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Bound By Temptation:
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Bound by love is out the 1st of September 2015

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Bound by vengeance is to be published in October/September 2015.

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