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Rory is the daughter of a peace loving, liberal pacifist and has been raised in an idealistic bubble out in the country. When her naive father loses his job working for a forestry company and is forced to take his only daughter and move to New York city, he rents an apartment in the middle of Harlem and enrolls his daughter in school there. At first, Rory is delighted at the opportunity to live and be educated around people of color, but she soon gets an entirely different kind of education. The sullen students and resentful teachers at Harlem High do not take kindly to a blonde interloper on their turf, and have a highly developed sexual interest in pale skin and golden hair. Rory must undergo the sadistic punishment of the vice principal, degrading bondage sessions with the principal, and out and hostility, groping and much more in the halls, classrooms and schoolyard, to say nothing of the nearby stores, parks and her own building. Becoming the helpless bondage sex toy of male . . .

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Keaton is a journalism student eager for big stories. When she meets a wealthy young Saudi and learns that harems still exist she thinks it will make an outstanding story. She is given permission to come and interview harem girls and see what life is like in the harem. The only condition; she must join the harem, temporarily. She will live the life of the harem girls, must obey as they do, and must submit her body to the sexual use of whomever desires her. Keaton thinks she can cope with this, thinks it means little more than regular sex with tall, dark and handsome men. And being a girl who has always enjoyed a little bondage, she doesn't feel that would be a jolt either. But Keaton is about to learn what it means to be a real harem girl, to have no control over her body, to be, temporarily, a sexual slave and plaything for men - and women - who can do anything they want to her. Keaton finds her own dark lusts helplessly aroused by her forced submission. Even punishments of . . .

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Julie is a a bright, determined beautiful college girl, and when her dreams are filled with sword wielding barbarians violating and using her she decides to bring them to life for a weekend of carnal desire and bondage. She recruits a musclebound weightlifter and borrows a cottage for a weekend of slavery and crude, rough sex. When he brings friends, she is helplessly thrilled. All weekend long they use her roughly, ruthlessly, cruelly, turning her into their bruised and battered sex toy and sex slave. And Julie's mind is baked by the fiery heat inside her. But Monday arrives, and her chains remain.

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Tanya is a spoiled rich girl whose family has had enough. Tricked into visiting her distant relative's ranch in rural Russia, she is subjected to harsh treatment designed to break fillies into obedience. Naked and bound, she becomes his servant, his slave, his pony girl. But her worst horror comes when her body begins to thrill to his touch, and to her own abuse.

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When my boyfriend's wealthy father seduced me on the pool deck, it was sex like nothing I'd ever imagined. He was a strong, dominating man, and I was helpless in his hands. His desire was overwhelming, and the dark fever he roused made his kinky games a wild thrill ride. I would be his maid, his plaything, living in his penthouse as he melted my inhibitions and turned me into a sexual animal!

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I thought I was in heaven when I went to work for my friend Emily's parents in their big mansion. I loved the place, and cleaning the pool, taking care of flowers, and doing some filing for Mr. Smith in his home office were easy jobs for the great pay they brought. Mr. Smith thought I lacked discipline, though, which was a drag, because he insisted on improving me. At first that just meant I had to wear my bikini all the time at work because of his habit of tossing me into the pool and making me do laps as punishment. Then he started making me crawl whenever I 'acted like a baby'. Doing yoga on the lawn while he watched made me feel kind of funny, but I knew he was right about my needing to exercise. And the slaps to the butt didn't seem sexual, really, at first, not until my first bare-­bottom spanking. It just all happened so gradually I never seemed to notice, and never really resisted. The next thing I knew I was crawling naked on a leash Mrs. Smith held while inspecting the . . .

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Spoiled Brooke discovers her parents are part of a bondage and slavery club. Her attempt at blackmailing them over it doesn't go well, however. Instead she finds herself being taught a lesson of how a weak girl gets disciplined by masters. She hates it at first, then finds herself helplessly enthralled by the notion of being a slave girl - even to her own family! All characters are over 18

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To save her family's home, Sophie agreed to work two evenings a week for the Vice President of the bank while continuing with her school during the day. His attitude, however, made her suspicious, and she was not surprised when the services he required became very personal. What did shock her was the level of submission he wanted, and how her mind and body responded to him and his discipline.

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Kristin and Kiera were raised with the strictest of familial discipline. That discipline grew more harsh, and took on a kinky turn when they reached eighteen. As slaves, they were to writhe in pain and pleasure, to revel in decadence and cringe in submission to the man who owned them. Even if he was their father. But when their bondage became too severe, they would teach him who had the last word.

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Dana had the perfect life, a beautiful golden girl cheerleader admired by all. Now she lived just a few doors down from her house, lived as a prisoner of a madman. Kept as a naked slave, she was taught a harsh discipline even as his skilled fingers turned her own body against her. She despised him, and despised herself for submitting to him, and for writhing in helpless pleasure at his command.

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