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Throughout her life Gabrielle has wanted a strong man to take her in hand, and two years ago her growing need for something her husband could not provide led her to make a terrible mistake which ended her marriage.­After his wife cheated on him years ago, Julian learned all about the pain caused by infidelity. When he sees that same crushing guilt in the eyes of a beautiful woman at the B&B where he is spending a quiet vacation, he is compelled to help her.­Gabrielle is drawn to Julian from the moment she first sees him. His easy, direct manner forces her to face her guilt and when he suggests that she take the punishment she's needed for so long, she can't help but say yes. It soon becomes clear to them both, however, that it will take more than just a bare-­bottom spanking to allow Gabrielle to finally let go of her guilt—she will have to be very thoroughly chastised.­But to fully satiate her need, she longs to experience more than just punishment from Julian—she needs to be . . .

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