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Cat has been on the run for years. After losing the only man she knew could protect her, she is forced to go to the New Council for protection. Exhausted and on her last leg, she finds not only the solace she needs but also a mate. Thank goodness he is a Werewolf, but then the tables are turned once again when her other mate appears, and he is the thing she fears the most. For years she has been hunted by a Vampire, she only wanted it to stop. Will Cat make the choice to become the mate to the man she loves and fears, or will she walk away and therefore end the prophecy that awaits completion? The Chosen's War Series, is a continuation of the New Council, there will be another twelve books in this series, and then there will be a final twelve of the Chosen's Children. I look forward to bringing you all of their stories! Warning: MFM, MM, and hot shifter sex!

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Product DescriptionArgus know who he is and what his destiny it. He is one of the Chosen, now he has to step forward with his Pride and take his place. Before he can, circumstances change and he has to take care of business before he leaves.
Jacob is Argus’s mate. They have known for a long time, but they waited to find their female before claiming each other. He has searched for years for their missing mate, suddenly she appears only miles from their Pride, and she is human.
Skye doesn’t want or need another man in her life; she is running from her ex already. So, when two men approach her and tell her the most amazing story about shifters and mates, she refuses. She does not need another crazy man in her life, let alone two.
Warning Sexually explicit content inside. MMF

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Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. Ménage – MFM. In book five of Chosen Wars: Virani is driven to make sure his brother doesn’t achieve his devious goal, he steps forward, putting not only himself but his men in the path of the Senate—who believe he and his pack are the enemies. When Virani and his men arrive...

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Brin is the New Council lawyer. Helping set up the European Senate should be enough work. But when a sexy Alpha female literally falls into his office unconscious all bets are off for what he is supposed to be doing. Not sure of the extent of her injuries he calls his old friend Quin, the Alpha of the New Council, who starts the ball rolling on a crazy wild adventure that will take them from England to France with one Alpha Vampire, one Cranky Female Wolf, and a human who is playing referee.
Dante has had dreams since he was turned and they are always too cryptic to figure out right away. He should have listen to his conscious when he thought he should bring more than just eleven other vampires to help him. Hell, he needed a fully Armored suit to deal with his new found mate. But how entertaining to see her get mad at him.
Jax has one thing on her mind. Get to Italy, claim her father’s Pack as hers, and find the rest of the Pack who have disappeared. Two men are not going to . . .

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In book Twelve ½ of the Denver Pack Series: The
women of the pack continue with their antics but the men don't mind when they
receive their Christmas surprise.  Share
the memories with each family from the New Council as they celebrate the holidays

Warning: Ménage 

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In book three of the Chosen:   After being hidden in plain sight by her
father, Fredi finally got the opportunity to meet her half-­sister, Jo, only to
then find out she was destined to be a part of the Senate in Europe.  As a white wolf, she was told she would have
one mate to be an anchor for all the emotions she would be feeling when she
received her gift. 

Marshall, Head Enforcer in Milliken, met his mate
at a party the crazy and outrageous women of the Denver Pack had at Fredi's restaurant.  Both Marshall and Fredi want to take it slow
and get to know each other, putting off their mating until they get to Europe
for Fredi to take her rightful place on the Senate.

Bane, Head of Security for the Senate Compound
heads out to meet the new member. 
Instead, he meets a future he really hadn't expected.  Only he gets the feeling they don't want
him.  How will he go through his immortal
life without the mates that were fated for him? 
He didn't know but he would deal with it, for . . .

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