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Do you love erotic stories featuring BBW heroines and gorgeous gentle alpha male werewolves? If so, you will love this bundle, featuring three erotic romances for a bargain price! These short stories contain explicit sex between BBW and sexy werewolves, and are intended for mature audiences only! 20,­000+ word!

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"Will she sacrifice her virginity in order to escape from a threatening situation with a possible high reward?­" "Werewolf's Courtesan" is a 6200+ short story about a young and smart, voluptuous woman who is ready to face the challenge.

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"The epic short story of the forgotten Queen and gorgeous werewolf King.­"

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Get your dirty stories RIGHT NOW! Do you like young girls getting knocked up by an older man man? These 3 taboo tales are deliciously twisted, I can't even tell you about them here. Don't try to stop yourself. Indulge! I promise I won't tell.

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Young and curvy Erin Murrell gets a job as a secretary at Pharmawolf Inc. She is puzzled with the first assignment - finding a mate for the rich mighty werewolf boss. Nevertheless she did what she was asked to do - but with the unexpected outcome!

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Is there a chance for love between a woman and a husband who became a werewolf?

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'A short love story about a broken-­hearted woman and a psychiatrist with an unexpected cure.­'

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"The epic tale of the forgotten Queen and gorgeous werewolf King.­" The police have called Christine, a freshly divorced curvy woman, to help them by using her clairvoyant abilities to find out who has killed a local police officer, and it turns out that the insight she receives could cost her life when a mysterious black car tries to kill her. After being saved by another unfamiliar person, she finds an answer to the mystery of her birth parents and why she was left alone in the forest when she was just three years old. Her destiny will lead her to meet the King of The Protectors werewolf pack - the guardians of the Earth. Christine finds out that she is the lost Queen of the pack, and the best way to activate her werewolf heritage is to mate with the gorgeous and gentle King Aengus. At first, she refuses to take responsibility for the destiny that is unfolding in front of her, but she cannot refuse for long... This 15000+ word short action story contains wild, explicit sex . . .

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This short story features hardcore mindcontrolled relationships between the man and the young woman. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. All characters are adult. Reader discretion is advised.

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