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Crime & Punishment: Five Erotic Stories of Sexual Submission

This bestselling Kindle book includes the following 5 stories from V.­R. Dunlap totaling over 18,­000 words:
- Taken (Her Erotic Punishment)
- Controlled (Mind Control)
- Getting Off (Taken by Her Boss)
- "Yes, Professor" (Veronica's First Spanking)
- Dirty Pool (Losing Control)

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When Stacey accidentally overhears her sexy customer, Ryan, talking about a hot stock tip, she can't help herself. She impulsively "borrows" his flash drive, just to learn the name of the company. But when Ryan catches her red-­handed, he wants more than just his flash drive back. If he's going to let her go, his terms are clear -- she will have to give in to ALL his erotic demands, no matter what he wants. But will once be enough for either of them? For Adults Only - This short erotic romance (6000 words) contains very explicit sexual encounters including reluctant sexual situations, oral sex and other erotic scenes. It is intended only for adults over the age of 18. From the Book: Stacey swallowed hard not quite sure what to do. “Please, don't report me,­” she stammered. “I'll do whatever it takes to convince you it was just a mistake.­” “Oh, really?­” he asked as he looked her up and down, his eyes taking in every inch of her. “I think I can be convinced,­” he said as he placed his . . .

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Crime & Punishment: Five MORE Erotic Stories of Sexual Submission

This book includes the following 5 stories totalling over 20,­000 words:
- Getting Wet: Under His Control
- Up in the Air: Blackmailed by the Billionaire
- Built Big: Her Big, Hard Contractor
- Rough Ride: Taken by the Park Ranger
- Payback: Bedded by the Boss

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The authors in this bundle would like to thank you for your support. In 2012 alone, our readers have purchased a combined total of over 300,­000 of our books, and given us each the chance to pay our bills with the written word. We thank you for your patronage - it means a great deal to us and to our families. Included in this collection are 10 of our latest or best selling stories. Please enjoy.

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When Jessica gets caught by her boss playing hooky at the beach, she knows she is in trouble and tells him she will do whatever it takes to keep her job. But when his sensuous kiss takes Jessica by surprise, she realizes he has misunderstood her offer. Now, he has undone the top of her bikini and if she doesn’t want to be fired, Jessica will find there is even more erotic pleasure to come.

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When Veronica is caught cheating she will be expelled unless she proves to Professor Ross that she can learn obedience. But what starts out as a spanking turns into an erotic sexual experience that neither of them could ever have expected.

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After Paul finds out that Amy has “borrowed” money from the company, he threatens to get her fired unless she can convince him to change his mind. Now, his hand is sliding up her skirt and his thumb is teasing her mercilessly and if she wants him to keep his silence, she will have to let him have whatever he wants.

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Valerie always acted distant at work and never let herself go. But after Mark uses his mind control program on her she find that she is no longer in control. Now he has her obeying each of his erotic commands as his hands run along her body, exploring her and making her wet with desire.

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When Dillon catches Bridget swimming naked in his pool, he threatens to tell her boss. But when he offers her another way out of trouble, things are going to get hotter than either of them expected. Now he is teasing her nipples erect and has promised that he isn't just going to fuck her, he is going to make her beg for his cock first. Will she be able to resist or will she fall under his control?

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When Megan’s do-­it-­yourself fixes make her problems worse, the repair is more than she can afford and the only way to keep her home is to allow her well-­endowed contractor to take his compensation any way he wants. Now, Megan has her mouth wrapped around the largest cock she has ever had and when he slides her panties off will she be able to handle her big, hard contractor?

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