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When Stacey catches her stepfather sleeping naked on the couch, she is shocked to see how thick and long his cock is and she can't help wonder what a cock that big feels like. But when he wakes up to find her hands wrapped around his hard member, she is going to find out just how long and hard her “Daddy" can get.

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Save 33% on this collection of 3 books from Best Selling Erotica author Lolli Love!

Taken by Daddy 3 - The 3 Book Collection includes:
- Daddy Knows Best: Her Next Door Neighbor
- Daddy and Uncle Too: Her First Threesome
- Daddy and His BIG Clients: Her First Gangbang

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When some harmless flirting turns serious, Sally finds herself stripping in front of her stepfather and the rest of the guys. Soon she is naked with a stranger's hands sliding up between her thighs, another pair of hands teasing her nipples erect and her stepfather's cock in her mouth. Now if she wants to enjoy each of their hard cocks she will have to fuck and suck every way she knows how.

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Ashley is tired of boys and wants to see know the feeling of being with a real man – like her best friend’s dad. But when he takes control, she is in for a big surprise. Now, he will teach her to suck and fuck, just the way “Daddy” likes it.

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When Chrissy gets caught breaking into a neighbor's house and stealing liquor, her stepfather once again comes to her rescue. But when she shows no remorse, he bends her over his knees to teach her a lesson. Now his spanking is arousing them both and Chrissy will have her chance to to fuck and suck her way out of trouble instead.

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When Holly’s sexy stepfather asks her to help him close a “make or break” deal for his company, she can’t help flirting a bit and teasing her sexy stepdad. But what starts out as innocent fun quickly becomes something more serious. Soon she is nearly naked in front of everyone while strong fingers tease her nipples erect but will she be able to take all three guys at once?

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Taken by Daddy - An erotic 3 Book Collection of hot, sexy stories.
* Disciplined by Daddy
* Teach Me Daddy
* Daddy Takes His Stepdaughter Over His Knees

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When Katie gets caught cheating at school, her step-­father proves that that she isn’t too old to get spanked. But what starts as a punishment turns into an erotic experience that is hotter than either of them could ever have imagined.

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Lori has had her eye on her dad's best friend for years, dreaming of the type of erotic sexual experience only an older man can provide. So when her parents leave for the weekend Lori creates an emergency to get her "Daddy" over to help. Little does he know that what she really wants is for him to teach her how to suck and fuck just the way a dirty girl should.

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Wendi has always been attracted to her young, sexy stepfather, but even with her low cut shirts and short skirt he never treated her like the women she was. But when some flirting with his brother gets hot and heavy, he sees that she isn't a little girl any more. Now, her uncle's hips are pressed against her and her stepfather is watching everything. Will he stay away or give in to his desires?

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