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Nathaniel Greystone has always been successful, except when it comes to finding his true mate. When he returns from the wedding of one of his younger brothers he knows he is going to have to try a little harder. As pack alpha it is his duty, but when he finally finds her right under his nose, he blows it.
Curvy Ellie Carter lied on her job application in an attempt to make a better life for her and her brother. She has sacrificed her personal life to keep the two of them together. When her billionaire boss discovers the truth he tries to offer her an arrangement, one that will suit them both. Yet Ellie is having none of it, and leaves as fast as she can.
However there's no escaping Nat, because Ellie is his true mate and he will do anything to get her to realise it. Can he succeed in winning Ellie over? Will he be able to convince her to stay when he reveals his werewolf secret? Warning: This 14,­000 word short story contains scenes of graphic sex and is for adults only.

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Tammy has been away for three years, however her feelings for Sam have not changed. This curvy girl is used to people making fun of her, so she knows Sam will never want her as more than a friend.
Can she keep her feelings for the billionaire cowboy next door hidden?
Or will she be shocked to discover he has plans for her, that will result in her ultimate pleasure? Warning: This 12,­000 word short story contains scenes of explicit sex and is for adults only. Excerpt: “Please, Sam, I need more.­” “How much more?­” he asked. Tammy had never begged a man to take her in her life, but right now she would have got down on her hands and knees and begged him to take her. “Come on, Tammy, say it.­” “Please, Sam, take me. I need to feel you inside me.­” Tammy said so quietly she wondered if he had heard her. Then he straightened before sliding his finger under the lace of her panties and tugging them down past her knees and letting them fall to her ankles. “Step out of them,­” he said. She did . . .

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Growing up with six older sisters put Rachel off dating. All those dramas and hormones made her want a quieter life. Now a successful owner of her own cake shop, she is tempted to change her mind when Mr Handsome Hunk visits her shop. Torn between living her mundane life with no heart ache, or taking a risk on love, can Rachel give her heart and body to a man for the first time? James is renovating a house for his sister. He longs to take Rachel out, but after a misunderstanding finds her avoiding him. When Rachel needs his help he is more than willing, and takes the chance to let Rachel know he wants more than her cup cakes! Can they find love and happiness in each other's arms? This 22,­000 word short story contains scenes only suitable for adults.

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Adam cannot believe it when he finds his mate. He finds it hard to contain his anger when she is recklessly auctioning her virginity to the highest bidder. The fact that he has to ask his brother, and pack alpha, Nat for the money does noting to ease his temper. His mate is also having second thoughts, but is sold off to Adam before she can leave. Scared by the angry man that has bought her innocence, she is also inexplicably attracted to him. However his cruelty towards her threatens to make her resist her strong desire for him. When Adam finds out the true reason she sold herself will he be able to win her over, or will he be forced to live without his mate forever? Warning: This 11,­000 word short story contains scenes of an adult nature and is meant for adults only.

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Phil has always made Christina's life hell. His remarks about her curvy body have always hurt. The worst thing is he is her brother's best friend. However when the two of them end up stranded together in a cabin high in the mountains, they realise their animosity is based on a lie. When the air is cleared Christina is forced to acknowledge her crush on Phil. Soon the heat rises between them as they learn they are made for each other. Will their relationship last though once they leave the sanctuary of the cabin? This 15,­000 word short story is for adults only.

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Marcus has been taught never to share his feelings with anyone, it made you weak. Yet over the last few months he had managed to open up to Christie, and now he has a written a letter asking her to meet him when he returns. Just one problem it gets "Returned To Sender". Christie cannot believe the man she has corresponded with for the last few months would suddenly stop writing. It's bad enough that men don't fall for her curvaceous body when they meet her, but to be let down by someone who has never even set eyes on her voluptuous body, well, that's just too much! After an argument with her friend, Christie settles down for an evening in with a movie, and chocolate. But a knock at her door brings her face to face with her soldier, can their relationship blossom, or will it die? Warning: This 10,­000 word short story contains scenes of an adult nature between a curvy insecure woman and a fit, handsome soldier who has been serving abroad for months, and needs to release some pent . . .

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Curvy Maggie is scared. Found in the woods by two hunky men, she finds it hard to resist, either of them. The only problem is, she can't remember a thing. Despite her fears she finds herself uncontrollably attracted to these two men. Aiden, gentle and sensitive. Cyrus, angry and distant. Yet the other side of these two men is something she would never have guessed. Will she be strong enough to become their mate, and keep their secret? Or will her memory return and send her back to the life she once lived? This 23,­000 word novella contains scenes suitable for adults only.

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Curvy girl, Paris has been abandoned by her mom, left to look after herself and make ends meet. Already struggling with college, and a part time job, she is forced to take on her mom's shifts at the local bar in order to survive. Things would be bad enough, but her handsome, rugged new boss looks at her in ways no man ever has before.

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Beth has spent the last ten years being a parent to her younger brother. She has put her emotional life on hold while struggling with the financial difficulty. So when she meets a mysterious man at a party she decides to lose her virginity to him. One night, one time to last her a lifetime. But this mystery man is not the kind to take no for an answer when she tries to walk away. This 13,­800 word story contains first time sex with an innocent twenty seven year old. Hot oral sex to ease her nerves. And a billionaire who knows what he wants and intends to get it.

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