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Once upon a time…there was a happy farting family - the parents, son, daughter, and grandparents all farting merrily together. Their house was the smelliest place on the planet!

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Sharks for Kids features 24 of the most Dangerous and Exciting Sharks, including Shark Pictures and Shark Facts!

Sharks! Sharks! Sharks! Some of the scariest animals in the world, but also some of the most fascinating. Since the dawn of time, Sharks have captured our imaginations, played the villains in famous movies and have been the centerpiece of aquariums around the world.

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Hi, we’re Mike and Tommy, two twin brothers. We love to fart.

And not just because it’s fun and makes everyone’s faces twist up all funny looking.

We love to fart because it’s a way of life. Like a Buddhist or a teacher or a baseball player, we get up every morning to live our dream – to fart. Well not just to fart. To dazzle and baffle the world with the stinkiest farts known to man.

We thought we were the best farters in school, until a kid named Gustavo showed up one day and started dropping the stinkiest silent but deadly farts anyone has ever gotten a whiff of!

Anyways, when the bully Romano brothers start terrorizing the neighborhood, we realize we need to build a dream team of farters! Join as we build the All-­Star team of farters and take on the Romano Brothers!

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Jokes for Kids: 299 Funny and Hilarious Clean Jokes for Kids
Best Seller in Amazon Kindle Store (Jokes and Riddles)
This Jokes for Kids Book offers 299 of the funniest jokes ever. Kid tested, Kid approved! These jokes are great to tell over and over and will have you rolling in laughter and impressing your toughest friends! Perfect for children ages 9 to 12.
What did the square say to the circle? You look out of shape!.
Doctor, I think I'm turning into a dog. I see. Sit and Roll over so I can take a look.

You will get many clean jokes like these, which are great for the whole family. Perfect for long car trips and lazy sundays, this book will keep you entertained and your minds sharp! Laughter is the best recipe to cheer up a friend or brighten a day. This Jokes for Kids book will make sure you are armed with funny jokes for any situation and you'll easily be the funniest kid at school.

Ensure you're the talk of the town with this Jokes for Kids book.

In this Kids Joke Book . . .

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Knock Knock Jokes for KidsGet the 1st Book of my Upcoming Children's Series FREE as a Mailing List Bonus
Knock, Knock.­Who's there?­Rufus.­Rufus who?­Rufus falling, run away!
Knock, Knock.­Who's there?­Mikey.­Mikey who?­Mikey is not working. Open the door.
The Funniest Collection of Knock Knock Jokes Made For Children
In Lizzy's third Jokes for Kids Book, get ready to laugh out loud to over 300 hilarious, knee-­slapping knock-­knock jokes. These jokes cover a range of categories and are super funny, including that dash of corniness we've all grown to love from funny knock knock jokes (what knock-­knock joke isn't a bit corny?!­). As a mother and jokester extraordinaire, Lizzy knows what it takes to write a good joke; how to keep her children entertained enough to not cause any trouble.
This funny Knock Knock Jokes book will have your children reading, talking, laughing, and socializing with other kids and adults.
This Knock Knock Jokes Book includes:­301 funny knock knock jokes, kid approvedA . . .

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Do You Want 25 of the Coolest, Most Popular Dinosaurs in Your Hands?­This Dinosaur picture book has 25 of the coolest and most popular Dinosaurs, each with a high-­quality photo and detailed description, describing when they lived, how big they grew, and how dangerous they were. Perfect for young children, Dinosaurs for Kids provides a learning experience as well as great entertainment for kids, encouraging them to read and enjoy over and over again. Great for children who want to learn about their favorite types of Dinosaurs and have fun at the same time!­By far the most fascinating creatures that have ever roamed the Earth, these beasts were Kings of the world for millions of years and came in all shapes, sizes, and personalities. Through books and movies like Jurassic Park, we've always tried to bring these amazing ancient creatures back to life.­This Dinosaurs for Kids book will teach you all about your favorite DinosaursDinosaurs included in this book . . .

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Lisa The Time Traveler: An Exciting Mystery Story for Children ages 9-­12

Lisa The Time Traveler is an exciting children's book for ages 9 to 12, about a girl who stumbles upon a time machine in hopes of saving her missing father

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Who is at the top of the barn yard pop charts?­Lady Baa Baa!­In this second edition of Lizzy Burbank's Jokes For Kids you will find a whopping 301 laugh-­out-­loud funny jokes for kids.­Expanding on her first Jokes for Kids book, this latest joke book has even more categories with tons of brand new and original jokes. These jokes are great to tell over and over and will keep your kids occupied with laughter! Just like the first edition, "Jokes for Kids: 301 Clean and Funny Jokes for Kids" is perfect for children ages 9 to 12.­Ensure your days are filled with laughter with this Jokes for Kids BookKnock knockWho's there?­Cash.­Cash who?­Go away I have a nut allergy!­Lizzy's Second Kid's Joke Book offers:- 301 of the most hilarious clean jokes for kids- Tons of Knock-­knock jokes to use on friends- Playground Jokes and Circus Jokes- Sports Jokes for the sports enthusiast- Holiday Jokes to use throughout the year- Dad Jokes perfect for father and son- Ghost and Ghoulies Jokes, and MANY . . .

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Dinosaurs for Kids: 25 Popular Dinosaurs for Kids with Dinosaur Pictures and Dinosaur Facts

Do You Want 25 of the Coolest, Most Popular Dinosaurs in Your Hands?

This Dinosaur picture book has 25 of the coolest and most popular Dinosaurs,

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