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Interview With A Billionaire: The Complete Collection is a 48,­000 word novel; the combined three titles of the Interview With A Billionaire series. It's packed with sizzling depictions of erotic embraces, steamy sexual scenes, and graphically described pictures of romance that are intended for adults only! It is the second edition of a previously published series, entitled Off The Record.

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Hilda lives a simple life; busy doing her duties around the medieval village she calls home, she can barely think of another way to live. When Viking raiders arrive to loot and pillage her settlement, however, everything changes. Hilda thinks quickly, and offers herself as a bride to the Viking leader. This bargain bundle features all three stories of the Stolen Fruits series!

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Alyssia Bright is a strong-­minded, iron-­willed reporter for the New York Minute, desperate to kick-­start her journalistic career.

Jonathan Colt is a shy and reclusive billionaire, often spoke of but never truly understood.

They're about to collide in steamy circumstances, as the impatient and impetuous Alyssia hides away inside Jonathan's walk-­in wardrobe, and sees more than she expected!

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When the anxious and timid actress Chloe Everett turns up to audition for a minor movie role, it's just another nerve-­wracking day. For the quiet and darkly handsome producer Daniel Grant however, it's an unspoken opportunity. Beset by the nerves that have plagued her since childhood, Chloe agrees to one more audition, alone with the billionaire movie magnate...

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After their whirlwind encounter inside Jonathan Colt's penthouse, and still reeling from the aches and pains inflicted on her, Alyssia Bright heads back a second time, determined to get the interview she never managed to record in the first place. Her billionaire host has his own sordid ideas on where this interview should go, however, and Alyssia soon finds herself in a bind!

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Katrina Solly is anxious, nervous, and suddenly $300,­000 richer. Having boarded a cruise ship to Mexico, she just has to wait the few painstaking days until landfall, afraid that the authorities will soon discover about her theft. What she didn't expect, however, is the tall and handsome stranger watching her from afar; is he a federal agent? Does he know?

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Rhonda Klass knows she's reached a crossroads; believing herself to be little more than a plaything to Krystopher, she's resigned to losing her billionaire lover. However, could Krystopher Danes be just what Rhonda needs to curb her highly impulsive ways? Rhonda sets up a meeting, telling him that she's sinned and must be punished...

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