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Katy Short doesn't want to be on The World Races. Shes not a social butterfly like her brother and partner Brodie. In fact, shes just as happy to end up in last place as in first. But when her brother makes a selfish move that pairs her up with silent and surly rock star Liam Brogan, everything in the race changes. Now Katys fighting to stay out of the Loser Lodge, just so she wont have to suffer through all that alone time with Mr. Tall, Dark and Arrogant. Except Liam Kinda hot. Hes sexy, pierced and not nearly as surly as she thought. Theres one good thing about a game with partners lots of oneonone time This is book two of the Games novels, sexy contemporaries with a reality TV twist. Check out WICKED GAMES, starring Abby and Dean as they meet and clash on Endurance Island. Want more Jessica Clare fun, frisky contemporaries Check out my Billionaires series. The first book, STRANDED WITH A BILLIONAIRE is now available.

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Zara Pritchard is a hasbeen. Once an Olympic darling, she's been reduced to skating in a dinosaur costume and giving lessons at the local mall...­which is why she's excited when she's offered a chance to sub on a TV show, Ice Dancing with the Stars. If she wins the show, this could be the break she needs. There's just one problem her partner. Ty Randall is a MMA bad boy looking to fix his image problem. Sure, he's got the nickname of 'Ty the MMA Biter'. Sure, he might have bit a guy's nose off in the cage. But putting him on a reality TV show A skating reality TV show He's not interested. He'll do the minimum to fix his image and call it a day. But when washout meets flameout, sparks fly and tempers flare. And Ty and Zara start to realize that maybe this partnership might be just as steamy off the ice as on it...

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