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Chapter One Cole surveyed the jungle below them through his night-­vision glasses, searching the terrain for any sign that they might have company. He wasn’t completely satisfied when he saw nothing. His gut was telling him that it had been way too easy and that was always a bad sign. Particularly when he knew from their first fly over that there was an encampment of guerrillas less than ten clicks from the site where the spy sat had gone down. It had to have sounded like a 747 coming down considering the amount of jungle the damned thing had cleared. It bothered the shit out of him that they hadn’t seen any sign that the racket had stirred up the guerrillas. Shaking his uneasiness, he patted the pilot on the back and signaled for him to drop the stealth chopper lower. They had a hell of a job ahead of them. The quicker they could clean up and hump it to the coast with the debris, the better. Signaling his best men—Maurice ‘Beau’ Beauregard, Remy Cavanaugh, and Gabriel ‘Hawk’ . . .

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She bore the mark foretold in legend. Three powerful men would fight to claim her, but Bronwyn had her own ideas about how her destiny would unfold. "This title is a reissue of Hierarchy” Length: Mid-­Novel Genre: Paranormal Romance Rating: Erotica. Multiple sexual partners, graphic violence and sexual encounters, adult language and situations, sex between the heroine and a shifter in beast form.

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Emily Hendricks has realized a dream--­she's just bought a tiny Scottish castle, lock, stock and barrel. Unfortunately, it also came complete with one coffin and one vampire who overslept by 200 years and is laboring under the mistaken belief that the castle is his.

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Series : Book 0 of "Hell's Breed"
Lucien, Damian, Kane, and Basil were genetically engineered to fight a battle on a distant world. They were from Earth, but not the one they found themselves on and they had no idea how to get home again or if it was even possible. They thought Laurie might just have the answers they were looking for, however.

Unfortunately for Laurie, she wasn’t the woman they thought she was.

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As an electro-­kinetic high on the government's list of desirables, Shilo's been on the run ever since she escaped their clutches. What she doesn't realize is that her psychic gift is also the lure that draws lycans to her, that the 'scent' of her gift is many times more seductively potent to them even than the scent of one of their own females in heat

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Her grandmother had told Bronwyn that she would find her destiny in the city-­the man she would love who's child she would bear. But is the man she's destined for Constantine, one of the last of the vampiric true bloods? Luke, a true blood of the lycan clan? Or the cat lord, Caleb? With all three determined to have her at whatever cost, can she run fast enough to find the destiny foretold to her? And does she really want to? Rating: CARNAL /erotica-­multiple sexual partners, graphic violence and sexual encounters, adult language and situations, sex between the heroine and a shifter in beast form.

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Stella wasn't looking for love. She went to her Granny's cabin in the wood to find herself. Sheriff Jean-­Pierre Thibidoux had other ideas.

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When Alexis Stanhope finds herself captive in a world not her own, filled with wonders both savage and beautiful, she knows she must find a way to escape, to return to her own world and her own people, to avenge her father's murder. And yet, from the moment she first meets the Guardian, she finds it impossible to resist the temptation to yield to him; heart, body and soul.

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Hannah was lonely. She thought when she hired the drifter, Rafe, to help her fix up her grandparent's old Victorian that it was a recipe for romance, but Rafe had another agenda—a secret he dare not divulge.­And unfortunately the attractive stranger she met also had another agenda and she was about to be caught in the cross hairs!­Published: August 2016Length: short storyWord Count: 15,­818Genre: Urban Fantasy RomanceRating: Spicy

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