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Laurie had no idea how drastically her life was about to be altered when she missed the off-­ramp in Atlanta. Length: Mid Novel Genre: Paranormal Romance Rating: Erotic, Multiple heroes, multiple partners, Ménage a trios

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Hannah was lonely. She thought when she hired the drifter, Rafe, to help her fix up her grandparent's old Victorian that it was a recipe for romance, but Rafe had another agenda—a secret he dare not divulge.­And unfortunately the attractive stranger she met also had another agenda and she was about to be caught in the cross hairs!­Published: August 2016Length: short storyWord Count: 15,­818Genre: Urban Fantasy RomanceRating: Spicy

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When Alexis Stanhope finds herself captive in a world not her own, filled with wonders both savage and beautiful, she knows she must find a way to escape, to return to her own world and her own people, to avenge her father's murder. And yet, from the moment she first meets the Guardian, she finds it impossible to resist the temptation to yield to him; heart, body and soul.

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They were Shadow Soldiers, an elite squad of hard as nails warriors--­and then the guinea pigs of scientists working for the military on developing a super soldier. Things still might have gone on the way the company wanted ... except they were sent to eliminate a 'problem' --­Ella Franklin.

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It was a ‘routine’ mission for the special ops squads that went terribly wrong. From the moment the parasites invaded them, they began to change into something frightening, fierce, and virtually unstoppable. It was just Sylvie’s misfortune that she was directly in their path when they escaped the government lab.

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As engrossed as Danika generally is in her work, even she notices the underlying hostility with which the locals in the small northwestern town regard her and her research. She notices the biker gang that arrives shortly behind her even more. With their long hair, tattoos, and piercings, the rough group of bikers aren't the sort of men she's ever had contact with-­and shouldn't want to have contact

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As an electro-­kinetic high on the government's list of desirables, Shilo's been on the run ever since she escaped their clutches. What she doesn't realize is that her psychic gift is also the lure that draws lycans to her, that the 'scent' of her gift is many times more seductively potent to them even than the scent of one of their own females in heat.

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