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This is the first comprehensive estate-­planning guide for those living with a chronic disease or disability. This book is targeted at those planning for the disbursement of their estates, no matter their size.­Estate-­planning is crucial for those living with a chronic disease or disability: individuals must express their preferences whether to receive long-­term care at home rather than in a nursing home in the event that they become more disabled, and it is more important for one who has a chronic illness to name a power of attorney. Estate Planning for People with a Chronic Condition or Disability covers all of those topics plus:
How to write your willHow to determine how much life insurance your family needsHow to figure out whether you need a living trustLearn about powers of attorneyWhen to work with a lawyer, if you need toThe book also includes downloadable sample forms for:
Power of AttorneyLiving WillDesignation of Proxy for Financial and Health Decisions;­Chapter 1. 7 . . .

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