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Katie is a bad girl... She's been cheating on her boyfriend and he just found out. Now, he's going to punish her by making her fuck their giant Great Dane!

Will Katie survive getting taken hard by her dog?

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Eight of the hottest, most shameful story of daddies and the daughters who love them! A $23.­92 value!

In this volume, you'll find...

Daddy and Danielle, Deceived

Daddy, I’m Out of Control!

On an Island… With my Daddy!

A Naughty Delight for Daddy

Dancing Dirty for Daddy

Daddy, I’m Scared

Don’t Tell Mom

Daddy’s Candy Store

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Amanda is a twenty-­two year old struggling actress and her rich boyfriend has just dumped her. Lucky for her, her hung German Shepherd seems interested in helping her feel better...

But wait. He's fucking Amanda every single day, and cumming in her tight pussy! Is he taking her for his mate? He's breeding her like a bitch!

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Eighteen-­year-­old Irina thought she and her family would be safe from the revolutionaries. She never imagined they would take her from her bed late at night, strip her naked, and drag her out to the stables. She never imagined they would force her to suck and fuck one of her father's horses. And she certainly never expected she would like it...

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Six stories of bestiality erotica... Six tales of slutty girls who can't get enough doggy cock! A $17.­94 value, yours for just $4.­99!

This filthy collection of canine cum loving stories contains the following:

Double Dogged

Puppy Love

The Dog’s Slave

Pit Bull Love

Taken Hard By Her Dog

Dogs With Benefits

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Eighteen-­year-­old Kelly is a struggling college student trying to make ends meet. With her scholarship taken away, she signs up for a secretive medical study that promises rewards too good to pass up... But in return, Kelly has to allow herself to be bred with a dog, and carry his puppies to term! She's about to get... Pregnant with Puppies!

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Eighteen-­year-­old Hannah has a problem... Her boyfriend's cock is too small! Where is she going to find a bigger cock? Maybe on Billy, the new stallion in the stable where she works?

Hannah finds herself fascinated by Billy's long cock. One thing leads to another and it's not long before she's the one being ridden...

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None of eighteen-­year-­old Kelly's "friends with benefits" are paying attention to her... What's a horny girl to do on a Saturday night? Fuck her dog, of course!

Kelly is in for a sexy good time as her childhood pooch shows her just how much he loves her!

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Kendall has just accepted a pretty unusual job offer: she's going to be the care taker for a handsome billionaire's dog. Her instructions are to give the dog anything it wants and fulfill all of his desires... But the sexy college student never imagined that the dog might want to fuck her!

Now, Kendall is a slave to the dog, forced to bend over and take it's canine cock hard...

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Eighteen-­year-­old Kristina is on her way to see her boyfriend when a freak winter storm strands her and her dog sled team in the middle of the snowy Alaskan wilderness! Now, they must huddle together for warmth... But that's not all they're going to do. A lot can happen between a sexy and sex-­starved young girl and her three big Siberian huskies...

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