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Miniwa, Wisconsin is under siege, but not by the usual summer tourists. The area's normally shy wolf population has begun stalking human prey, and their victims have been disappearing...­or worse. Something is happening in the woods. Something brutal and primitive...­Officer Jessie McQuade has seen plenty in her years on the force-­but nothing as intriguing as the gorgeous, naked man she encounters while tracking a rogue wolf. Professor Will Cadotte is a Native American activist. He's also the only man capable of distracting Jessie from her work. And for a cop, distraction-­no matter how pleasurable-­can be deadly. It's against Jessie's better judgment to accept Will's help in her investigation, yet she soon finds herself doing exactly that-­and more. Will's dark, penetrating eyes see into a part of Jessie's soul she never knew existed. It's exhilarating...­and terrifying.­Now, as a town's deepest secrets come to light, no one is safe: not friends, lovers, or strangers. And as Jessie . . .

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Leigh Tyler was once a kindergarten teacher with starry-­eyed dreams-­dreams that turned into nightmares when the biggest mistake she ever made came back to tear her world apart. Now, Leigh lives only for the hunt. Werewolves are her prey, and love is no longer an option. Leigh has been called to Wisconsin for something big. As long as it means killing fanged and furry demons, she's up for it. But the worst is yet to come, because something stronger and smarter than the average beast is on the prowl...­and it's doing Leigh's work for her. Intoxicating and intriguing, Damien Fitzgerald is making Leigh question her vow never to let another man into her bed, or her heart. Every moment with him brings forth familiar-­and dangerous-­urges. Urges that may prove too strong to resist. Leigh's job is a dance with death, and she has no intention of letting Damian become involved and get hurt. Especially now that she knows her enemy is watching from the forest. Waiting for her first wrong step...

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The hero and heroine from the award winning novel BLUE MOON, Jessie McQuade and Will Cadotte, return in a short adventure. Sent to a small Wisconsin town to investigate a sudden rash of insanity, Jessie and Will meet a mad scientist who has invented a new kind of werewolf--­one that silver can't kill.

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Has he found her? Life has never been easy for Tim. Abandoned and left to fend for himself, he's finally found a home with Dean Luchetti. But something's missing. Tim's convinced that what he needs is a mother and what Dean needs is a wife. And he thinks he's got the perfect candidate in Stella O'Connell, his school's principal. The last person Stella expects to encounter at her new school is Dean Luchetti, the man who broke her heart as a teenager. Dean and Stella may have a difficult past, but they feel the same strong attraction they always did and if they're not careful, history could repeat itself. Breaking each other's hearts is one thing, but breaking Tim's is an altogether different matter.

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After the death of her husband, Evie Vaughn realizes her dream of becoming a high school teacher. She and her three sons move to Oak Grove, Iowa and become part of the community. Evie would like nothing better than to be able to send her boys to college, but to do so she needs to land the coveted position of high school baseball coach. She's qualified. She's almost got the job in her grasp. Then Joe Scalotta comes to town.
The "Iceman,­" as Joe was known on the football field, has just been hired as the football coach for the local community college. He's also received full custody of his teenage daughter after he mother's recent death. Oak Grove is supposed to be a new start for them both.
When Joe is offered Evie's job merely on the basis of his notoriety sparks fly, and Evie proposes a test. Whoever's team wins the Big League Baseball championship over the summer wins the job. Though Joe doesn't want her job, he does want to keep an eye on the lovely Mrs. Vaughn. Especially . . .

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Leaving Las Vegas…Thirteen-­year-­old Rayne Houston is on a quest. After discovering that her father is alive, she angrily packs her bag and goes off to find him, with only a six-­year-­old orphan named Tim at her side.­Nicole Houston is frantic when she discovers Rayne gone. Fourteen years ago she'd thought lying would be best for everyone because the choices Aaron Luchetti had made meant it was impossible for them to be together. Now it's time to face the past and tell the truth. And once that's done—and they find Rayne—maybe, just maybe, they can become the family they all so desperately need.

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