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“Looks like you dressed for the occasion.­" “You said I should come prepared, professor.­" She wriggles beneath me. I bring my hand down on her bare ass, just sharp enough to make her feel it, not enough to leave a mark. She inhales sharply, her hips bucking. “And have you, Ms. Reed? Or will I need to reprimand you more thoroughly?­” When Harper Reed came to Oxford, her dream was to study modern poetry with the infamous Professor Jack Kingston, NOT to sleep with him. But his lectures are intoxicating, his knowledge captivating, and his accent drops panties faster than Charlie Hunnam on a Saturday night. Harper has never made good decisions when it comes to sex and Jack has never been able to commit, yet there’s something between them that neither of them has felt before. But students and teachers are not supposed to fraternize, even as this out of control connection puts both of their futures on the line. When their forbidden love is tested, can they make the grade?

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“The best sex is hotel sex…” Welcome to the Rexford, the most luxurious hotel in town. My internship is a dream come true – until I walk in to my first meeting and discover my one-­night stand at the head of the boardroom. Controlling billionaire, Dominic Rexford: CEO - and the man I was secretly hired to seduce. Now, I just want to keep my head down and stay out of trouble, but Dom has different plans. He wants a repeat of our wild night together – and he’ll do whatever it takes to get me back between those 700-­thread count sheets. I’m in trouble now… *Part one of the sexy, scandalous new series*

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I hate Max Davis. I hate his cocky, overconfident smirk and the way every woman in the office drools over him. I hate the irresistible way he fills out his suit and his manwhore ways. I hate his tempting touch and the way he makes me want to break all the rules. His Clark Kent Glasses, his cheesy sense of humor, his animalistic desire to have me—on my desk, against the filing cabinet, spread out across the conference table. I hate that he’s my number one competition and if we’re caught, I lose it all. And most of all, I hate that he’s off-­limits and I just can’t stay away.

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“The best sex is hotel sex…” Billionaire Dominic Rexford, CEO of the Rexford luxury hotel brand. Mysterious, controlling – and my new boss. He’s man who always gets what he wants, whether it’s in the boardroom or the bedroom. And now he wants me. But I’ve got secrets he can never know. And when his brother returns to claim his share of the company, the truth could tear all of us apart.

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“The best sex is hotel sex…” My secret is out. Now commanding billionaire Dominic Rexford knows the truth, he wants me gone from his luxury hotel. My career is over before it’s even begun – unless I make a deal with the devil to earn back his trust. But there’s more than just my heart on the line. The stakes are rising, and someone isn’t playing by the rules. How far will Dom go to crush the competition? And when the time comes, will he choose his empire – or me?

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Darren Sundry needs salvation. He's fallen into the wilds of despair, beyond where anyone can save him. He finds redemption in the last place he would expect, on his knees. Paul Kendrick needs control. His faith and his sexuality are warring inside of him. Living a secret life yet still seeking acceptance, he finds release with Darren. When secrets and past sins are revealed, will their bond be torn apart? Or can two broken men pick up the pieces and save each other? **

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