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68 books of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD

Does God actually visit?
When does He visit?
How do I prepare for His visitation?
What are the benefits of such visits?

In this dynamic volume, Pastor Chris shares from the lives of Bible characters on how you can position yourself for a visitation from God and experience that change you’ve so long desired.

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This book is a classic exposition of the Christian life. It provides Bible-­based answers to a lot of questions, and provides explanations needed to live a constantly victorious life.

Joshua brought the children of Israel into a land flowing with milk and honey; yet the Bible says they did not enter the rest of God.

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In this book Pastor Chris introduces the Holy Spirit and shows you seven things He will do in you; seven crucial blessings you will have in your life only when you receive Him and give Him full, unlimited access. Get ready for a fresh revelation of who the Holy Spirit is and what He can do in your life. And begin to enjoy the fullness of the blessing of His presence as you walk with Him daily.

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Get ready to discover:
•What Prophecy really is
•The difference between the prophetic ministry and
the gift of prophecy
•How to change circumstances through prophecy
and so much more!

Learn to speak forth rhema – God’s specific Word to you, at a specific time, for a specific purpose – and control your destiny by the power of God made available to you through prophecy!

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In this edition, best-­selling author and healing minister, Chris Oyakhilome PhD, delivers insightful revelations that will enrich your understanding and give you a rich and vitalizing experience in the divine life. You’ll also learn practical tips on how to:
1. boost your immune system
2. live stress-­free
3. maintain your glow
...­and many more.

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Do you want to achieve your goals? Don't wander around looking for someone to tell you what to do and how to do it. You can recreate the circumstances of your life to suit you. This inspirational book contains principles on how you can recreate your world. Study and practise them, and you will recreate your world!

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Unraveling the mysteries of material mediums...
In the new edition of this important book are revealed mysteries of material mediums.
In his usual dynamic and easy-­to-­be-­understood manner, Chris Oyakhilome exposes the myths about the use of material mediums to perform miracles, and reveals clearly the mind of God on the subject.

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God has called you to a life of progress, success and victory!
In this prophetic book, Pastor Chris takes you through the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem as symbolic of God’s pattern for building His Church. Not only will you experience the glory of God as you read, more importantly, you will reflect His glory in your life.

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Have you received the Holy Spirit since you believed?

Enter a whole new world of discovery of the person of the Holy Spirit and the fullness of the blessings He brings into your life in this revised edition of the classic “Seven Things the Holy Spirit Will Do For You.­”

Learn how to take advantage of His awesome presence, ministry and fellowship and live the supernatural life every day!

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Join This Chariot’ is a classic on soul wining that motivates the believer to effective evangelism and teaches him practical steps to reaching his world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is an unambiguous treatise that has greatly inspired thousands for world evangelization, resulting into many more being touched by the awesome power of God. In this book, Pastor Chris teaches divine truths about ‘chariots’ as God’s tolls for soul winning. He reveals that God’s call to Phillip to “…join…this chariot “ (Acts 8:­29) is to every believer in every generation, challenges you to answer that call and shows you how to maximize your chariot for world evangelization. You will also discover: Why God trusts you with the gospel Who a watchman is The Believer’s Statements of Commitment …and so much more. In this revised edition, each chapter ends with an activity sheet that will help you better understand the timeless truths in this book and how to apply them in your personal life. Product . . .

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