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Stranded With Her Bear is a standalone story set in Bear Bluff Trent Savage has everything going for him, and all the women of Bear Bluff know it. And he enjoys the attention, what red-­blooded male bear wouldn’t? After all, what’s the point in having the looks and physique of a God and not use it to your advantage. Until he finds Willow in the back of his truck. Willow is trying to escape her past, but with no money, her plan to get far away from home are thwarted, until she sneaks into a truck when the driver isn’t looking. Risky, but what can go wrong? If he finds her, the worst he will do is throw her out, and at least she will be somewhere different. Somewhere, where no one knows her terrible secret. What Willow doesn’t know is that she is Trent Savage’s mate. So when he does discover his stowaway, there is no way she is going to run any further than his bed!

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At last, after what seems like an eternal wait, Hugo has caught his mate. But not in any romantic way, oh no, she’s lying face down in the dirt after trying to rustle his cattle with the other wolf raiders. All she wants to do is rip his throat out; he knows that because she’s telling him explicitly, with some extremely unladylike language. All he wants to do is pick her up, throw her over his shoulder, and take her to his bed. There he will indulge in such primal pleasures, he will capture her heart too. Right? If only life was that easy. Damn it! Bliss Merric has just about had it! Her life has never been her own, she has always put her family first. That is why she is out here, in the dark with her brothers, trying to rustle cattle. Well, at least she was with her brothers, but they have now abandoned her and left her alone. With her mate! It’s not what she wants; he’s not what she wants. But when you’re face down in the mud with his big, toned, muscly body pinning you down... . . .

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Faith has always suffered at the hands of her brother and his friend Rob. In some ways it was her own fault, her curvy figure had always left her feeling under valued. It didn't help that all those around her only enforced those feelings. She seems to be stuck, making the same mistakes, until she lands in deep trouble at the hands of Snake, President of the Dread Cult MC. Only those hands are going to teach her so much about her body, and the way its supposed to be treated. Snake can't believe the way he feels about Faith. What starts out as a punishment, soon leaves him desperate to keep hold of her. His only concerns are where her loyalties lie. He wants her to be true to him, and puts his own kind of brand on her, letting the world know she is his woman. Only that brings all kind of trouble knocking on Faith's door. Can she decide to finally trust a man, after being let down her whole life. Will Snake be able to keep her safe, and in his bed?

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Rescued by the Bear is set in Bear Creek, and can be read as a standalone story Abbi finds herself on the run from a tiger. Not any ordinary tiger, this one can change from man to tiger in an instant. Her innocence attracts him and he plans to claim her as his own. What Abbi doesn't know, is she has run straight into the path of the only person in the world who is willing to lay down his life for her. After waiting centuries for his mate to appear, bear shifter Brad, the sheriff of Bear Creek, is shocked to find her hiding out in a ruined house. Trying to unravel her story, and protect her from whatever it is that hunts her, he keeps his other self a secret. Rescuing her is the easy part. How is he ever supposed to explain to her he is a shifter too. Will she run? Or will he convince her all he wants to do is mate with her and raise a family of bear cubs.

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Max has returned after years away serving his country. He could have returned before, but he wanted to give his best friend's sister, Charlotte, a chance to get over her crush on him. She comes from a rich family and knows he can never give her all the material things she deserves. But when Joe, his best friend since childhood tells him Charlotte has got a serious boyfriend he has to come back to see for himself. Curvy girl, Charlotte, has been in love with Max since she was fifteen, but she knew she wasn't good enough for him. Who would want someone like her when he could have his pick of any girl. However when he returns some years later, she decides this is her chance, she wants Max to be her first love. What she doesn't realize is Max thinks she is already dating. When she makes a pass at him, she catches him off guard, and he turns her down. Thinking all is lost, Charlotte is shocked when her brother admits he set the whole thing up, he knows his sister and best friend are . . .

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Will's Story - Biker, Bear, Billionaire, is set in Bear Creek and can be read as a standalone story, but does contain characters from other books in the Bear Creek Clan Series When things fell apart, Will took on a new identity, he became a biker. It gave him a sense of belonging. With the rest of his gang he built up a business he was proud of, it enabled him to help others. He gained respect. Yet his self respect was lost, for he also gave up his mate. How can he call himself a bear when he denied the one thing he should value above all else? Yet the bear is a part of him, a part that has to be mastered and controlled or it would take matters into its own hands and go and claim his mate, whatever the cost. But now she’s here, standing in front of him, can he be that strong, can he push her away once more? Or can he become the man she wants, the man she needs, because the person that took everything from him, is now threatening her. And if she’s come to ask him for help, then he . . .

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Doctor Bear is a standalone story set in Bear Bluff Doctor Ben Hansom has the mild affliction of being Hansom by name and handsome by nature. All he wants is to settle down with his mate, if only he could find her. However, his ridiculous good looks and his wonderful bedside manner make him a magnet for every single woman in Bear Bluff. However, he does not want a quick affair; he wants the real thing. And he’s almost given up hope. Until Nurse Beth, walks into his life. But she has been burned before. Left with a broken heart and an intense feeling of betrayal, she has sworn off men, and most particularly, doctors. Bear Bluff is her chance to start again and she does not intend to repeat her previous mistakes. Can our handsome doctor convince Beth his feelings for her are true? That all he wants is to settle down and start a family of his own. But when her past returns to claim her, who will win the heart of Nurse Beth? Suitable for adults only - contains scorching hot sex scenes!

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urvy girl, Jenny has been haunted by the devastation Beck unleashed on her when they were at high school. Lacking in confidence, she only came to terms with her life after he left town. But now he's back. Showing up unexpectedly she can't figure out his strange behaviour. Until he admits she's his mate. With new found control over him, she is determined to resist the urge to mate with him. However, as her coming of age approaches and the change threatens to rob her of her willpower can she hold herself back. Or will he destroy her once more? Beck can't believe his luck. The girl he was cruel to at school is his mate. He needs to find it in himself to win her over, and make her see they have a future together. Just when he has found a way, his own doubts surface, making him hell bent on tearing both of their lives apart.

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Finding Her Bear is set in Bear Creek, and can be read as a standalone story Kayleigh has never know what it's like to stay in one place for long. She's never experienced being part of a real family, and has no intention of ever settling down and having kids. In fact, until she arrived in Bear Creek, she had never wanted to stick around for more than a couple of months. It was just her luck that her job was coming to an end and she would have to move on whether she wanted to or not. Unless someone gave her a reason to stay... Daryl is too shy to ask his mate for a date. When he finds out she is going to have to leave Bear Creek, he knows he's going to have to come out of his shell if he wants to claim her as his own. But when your mate has sworn to never settle down and have kids. What's a bear to do? This bear has to persuade Kayleigh that she is his eternal mate. He will always be there for her, and he most definitely wants to have lots of bear cubs running around. The only . . .

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A Bride for the Bear is a standalone story set in Bear Creek Curvy girl Alli owns Bear Brides, the go to bridal boutique in Bear Creek. She has helped dozens of young brides have their perfect dream wedding. So she can't help dreaming of her own big day, if she can ever find the right man. Right now, she has come to the realisation, her current boyfriend Graham, is not it. However, just as she comes to this conclusion, in walks a man she would love to call hers. Big, dark and incredibly sexy, Kian draws sensations from her body she never knew existed. In those first few seconds of being near him, Alli knows she needs that kind of passion in her life. But before she can break off her current relationship, Graham appears with a ring and asks her to marry him. What's a girl to do? Full of confusion, can Alli learn to trust her new feelings? Or will she end up marrying the wrong man? Kian is new in town, he has nothing going for him, except a willingness to work hard. With a younger . . .

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