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Want to take a peek behind that red velvet curtain? Come join our Club Alpha authors as they take you into the inner sanctums of some of the hottest, most exclusive clubs you'll ever have the privilege of witnessing. Some come for the discipline, some come for the thrill, some come to find sweet passion, but all go away initiated in the ways of love. Surrender to the dominance of these thirteen novels from authors including Adriana Hunter, Selena Kitt and Terry Towers. Club Alpha isn't a place--­it's a state of mind you're going to want to visit again and again! Claiming His Tease by Amy Valenti - Josh is all Dom and sexy as hell, and he's prepared to wait for Lena to come to him. All she has to do is kneel at his feet, and she'll be his. But is she too stubborn to give him the satisfaction? Breaking Boundaries by Sienna Stapleton - With the hopes of expanding her sexual horizons, Beth books a weekend at a sexual therapy retreat. Once there, she quickly learns that the weekend . . .

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Books of Kitt, Selena et al.