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Mayden Morningside is a Reader who works with contracts and lives a quiet life until her old recruiter from Terra comes asking her to join the Sector Guard. She will have her body changed to match her partner’s, a strange but necessary practice when one’s partner is a dragon. Harusk is a sleeper, a dragon who chose to preserve his genes through a prolonged hibernation. Waking to find out his perfect match needs a little tinkering is surprising, but his first meetings with her captivate him beyond all of his preconceptions. Not bad for a woman in a tank who can’t even curse at the pain of the transformation process.

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Terran Times

Can Silari accept the position of planetary Avatar and welcome a stranger into her body and mind?

Recovering from damage done by a psycho, Silari, Agent of the Alliance, has been waiting for a new assignment. When that assignment turns out to be one of two dozen women in line for a shot at becoming the bride of an Avatar, she is slightly disappointed. What man would want a woman damaged in body and mind?
Maksuan has shied away from women who used their wiles to get his attention, but the shy Terran shines in every room she enters. He tries to get closer to her and when he finds out why she is dodging him, he takes action and removes clothing.

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Mistress of chills, a true ice queen, she journeys to find a man who makes her burn and a world that needs some cooling off.

Roxelena has inherited her family talent for cold. On Earth, it is useless, but there is a request for a woman with talent on a world she has never heard of.
Marriage is a condition of her travel, so she agrees. She has yet to find a man who can withstand contact with her, so his unconditional agreement to her comes as a surprise.
When she meets her husband for the first time and feels the heat of his body and his talent for fire, she understands why he doesn’t feel the cold. He craves her cooling as she wants his heat, and they exchange their talents gladly.

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Sarah Anders is a Scorcher. She specializes in burning plague victims to make worlds habitable again. When her ship is captured and her body sold to slavers she knows it is just a matter of time before the Alliance comes for her. She had never imagined that she would be sold as a breeder, or that her new mate would be a man she could respect. Athon Kellan is a creature of mixed blood. His Dhemon appearance is at odds with his Azon mating drive, but together they make him one hell of a fighter. When they come together it is out of neccessity, but will their joined bodies entwine their fates?

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Beatrix Warder has spent her adult life avoiding this precise moment. In a flurry of panic, she made a choice and it landed her neck deep in the ocean, facing her worst nightmare.

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science fiction

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Left for dead by her peers and enslaved by those who found her, Miranda has been enjoying living one day at a time without worrying about healing anyone whose pain called out to her. At her Master's direction, she takes a young Enjel under her wing and helps him through a difficult time in his development. When his Guardian, Osias Aron, comes to retrieve him from their master, she never guessed that she would be brought along for the ride, or that she would find her new owner a man after her own heart. And body. After an attack that leaves her brutalized and near death, Osias must come to grips with his inability to protect her from the danger that traveled with them, and his lust to have her back in his arms again. Their arrival on his homeworld takes matters out of his hands.­With Miranda ensconced in the Women's Aerie on Jela, Osias is honour bound to engage in his race's customs and practices to win his lady. If only someone else wasn't using those rules to cheat Osias of . . .

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Born to a dying family, the lion shifter princess, Sehra runs from the choice her father made to strengthen their bloodlines. Fleeing to their sister world where a society of tiger shifters reigned supreme, Sehra decides to hide in the one place no one will look for her. The royal palace of Regav. Inside the palace she finds a calm contentment in the daily tasks until her path crosses with the king and her hormones take over. Lions and tigers get bare…oh my.

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