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Ryder McKinley is a Wanderer, an offspring of Angels. Renouncing his angelic status, he’s been gifted free will to explore all of creation as he sees fit. Eons old, he's traveled through the Universe, observing different worlds, cultures, and societies. But during his stay on Earth, he finds the one thing that has been consistently allusive to him during his entire existence—LOVE.­Heart and mind captured by Skylar Blue, Ryder is mesmerized by the artistic way she looks at the world. The two of them hit it off immediately and soon find themselves wrapped together in throes of passion, but Ryder's secret stands in the way of them being together fully.­Choices must be made—some with very high prices—but in the end tragedy strikes and changes the course of everything. How far will Ryder go to keep his love?

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An epic roller coaster of breathless kisses, soft touches, and delicious discovery, new love is exciting, but rarely easy, especially when it catches you by surprise. But will love be enough when Ryder reveals his secret and Skylar discovers he’s truly . . . out of this world?

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