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Protecting the Enemy was originally published as Honor Bound. It has since been expanded, revised, and re-­edited.­Twelve years ago, I gave up the love of my life because my family made the relationship impossible. Now that Ali has come back to me, I'­m not going to give her up again.­It'­s been years since I'­ve seen her, and I know she'­s hated me all this time. I never expected to see her working as an event planner for one of my father'­s business partners. But here she is, always snooping around and getting into trouble. I'­m supposed to be providing security, but I can'­t stop thinking about her.­She'­s up to something, and it might put her in danger. She sees me as the enemy now. Maybe I am, but I'­m not going to lose her again. I might be hired to protect the man she'­s working against, but my heart only wants to protect her.

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The story of my life isn't pretty. I come from the wrong side of the tracks. I've been a criminal. I've been homeless. I almost killed my father, and I might be responsible for the death of my best friend. I should not be wanting her. Her life story is the stuff of dreams. She's America's sweetheart - beautiful, talented, and famous - and she doesn't want anything to do with me. I'll protect her from a stalker since it's my job, but that's all I'm allowed. No touching, no lusting, no falling in love. I'm all wrong for her, and she's completely off-­limits. But I've never been good about following the rules...  

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