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One weekend.
One sexy man.
That's all we agreed on. I never thought agreeing to spend the weekend with him would change my whole world. Change every aspect of my life. Only knowing his first name would come back to haunt me. No man ever compared. No man ever came close. Almost seven years later... Same town... Same instant spark...­Only this time he's not available, he kept a secret from the start and I've had a secret I couldn't share with him until now. Can we get past the obstacles in front of us, or are we just destined to be apart?

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People looking at my life would think 'wow she's so lucky' but I'm far from it. Five years ago my entire world changed. The older I get the more I start to think that maybe what I know about my family is all an illusion. Maybe the family business isn't just what it looks like on the outside, but the cause for my devastation when I was sixteen.­I never thought five years later my world would start to unravel around me. Some parts amazing, other parts a nightmare.­The amazing part was hard to let in. He was everything I wasn't looking for but turned out to be everything I needed and more.­The nightmare was... well let's just say a nightmare. Something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. I knew I would need to fight with everything that I had to make the nightmare go away.­My name is Gabriella Ashford and this is my story.

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HunterThree years ago I thought my world had completely fallen apart.­I’ve been living day to day for my daughter, never really focusing on myself.­The day that I walked into that room and saw Kali was the day my life changed.­She completely tipped my world upside down and I’m just not sure if my heart can take it. She was unexpected and it scared the living daylights out of me.
KaliI thought I had gotten out. I was wrong. When he came for me i thought my life was over. I never considered him coming back would change my life forever.­I never dreamed what he did to me would lead me towards a man who would cherish and love me for me.­When you think your life is over and you don’t see a future, all you cando is live day by day, only to hope that one day the unexpected will come and make it all right.
Hunter was my unexpected.
Can Hunter and Kali push forward after their pasts have consumed them for so long? Or will the unexpected be too much for them to bare?
Will they get their . . .

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Can you put a new book alexander that can be read?

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