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Shawn is a young man down on his luck, living in the streets. He isn’t lazy, it’s just for some reason people don’t like to be around him, and even fear him to a certain extent. They’d always had.
His life is about to change though, as a man named Ben tells him he had an uncle, an uncle that died and left him an estate. He isn’t sure he buys it, and has no idea he’ll soon be fighting for his very life.
Not to mention, fighting for his soul.
WARNING: This book is an erotic urban fantasy novel. If you are offended by explicit sex, do not buy this book. There are MF, FF, and MFF scenes of a sexually explicit nature.
NOTE: This novel is told in the first person point of view of Shawn as the main protagonist, and the third person for various other characters.

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Shawn managed to eke out his first couple of weeks with a lot of luck, and help from the various powerful women in his life. He’s looking forward to taking it a bit easier now that the initial excitement has died down. No one even seems to want him dead right now. He wants to study magic, and perhaps create some new magic, although it could be many years before that can happen.
His life is about to get, if possible, even more complicated than last time. A warlock shows up to try and take his place in the city. Darren is determined to take advantage of the crisis to put a spy in his house, and of course it’s a sexy cat shifter which he can’t say no to. Karen is having problems getting the mages in line. One of his pacts runs into a serious snag, and he’s coming to realize he’s deeply in love with a demoness that owns his very soul. What’s a warlock to do?
If that wasn’t enough, a Nephilim full of rage and angst drops in unexpectedly. A Nephilim who has a bad habit of killing any . . .

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