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Monday through Friday, Devyn Williams is executive assistant to the CFO of one of the top finance firms in the country. But Devyn has a secret. At night she becomes Black Pearl, a rising performer on the Atlanta burlesque scene. Devyn's good at keeping these two aspects of her life separate, even from her company's CEO, Nikola. Nikola Collins, is CEO of Excel Financial Services, the company his father started more than thirty years ago. After graduating from West Point and serving in the military, Nikola assumed the role he'd been groomed for since he was a child, upon his father's untimely death. With his brother, Andre as CFO, Nikola has helped Excel exceed even his father's expectations. But, Nikola has a secret of his own. For the three years Andre's executive assistant, Devyn, has worked at Excel, he's been harboring a crush. Opting to not cross any professional boundaries, Nikola has kept his distance. All that changes when Nikola and Devyn are tasked with working closely . . .

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A year and a half ago, Mercedes Holmes and Raul Santiago shared an explosive encounter that ended abruptly. Since then, Mercedes has gone out of her way to keep both her emotional and physical distance from the sexy and charming Brazilian. Now, however, the full-­time assistant principal and part-­time burlesque dancer finds herself in need of Raul’s security services. Raul Santiago is the consummate ladies’ man. He’s wealthy, sexy-­as-­sin, and just dangerous enough to put himself between the woman he’s had his eye on for more than a year and the stranger stalking her. When Raul finds himself not only offering Mercedes his professional services, but opening up his home to her, the undeniable chemistry between the two becomes irresistible. Over the course of one busy, burlesque performance-­filled summer, Raul fights to break down Mercedes’ emotional walls, and stop whoever it is that is threatening Mercedes’ life.­**

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Each book in the Black Burlesque Series are STANDALONE novels. Book 1: Black Dahlia Book 2: Black Pearl Andre Collins is not looking for love. In fact, love is the last thing on his mind as he continues to run one of the country's most successful financial services firms alongside his brother. Andre is steadfast in the belief that love and marriage just aren't for him. Or are they? Life for Stacey Coleman hasn't turned out the way she dreamed as a young girl. After a devastating injury ended her ballet career, she is finally finding happiness performing as a burlesque dancer while finishing school to become a social worker. Stacey's not looking for love, but sometimes life has other ideas. When she meets the charismatic Andre Collins, the chemistry between them will not be denied, least of all by Andre. Andre will find that the one woman that is meant for him will challenge all of his previously held notions about love and marriage. Just as the couple's relationship deepens, an . . .

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*THIS IS A STANDALONE NOVEL *** For more than a decade, life has been one mission after another for Coral Coleman. This time, Coral is on a mission to find the elusive “Ghost,­” who Coral believes is responsible for trying to kill her two years ago. Unfortunately for them, they missed her, but in the process took out two of Coral’s teammates—that, Coral takes personally. She comes one step closer to finding him when a case involving Bennett Industries falls into her lap. There’s just one problem: The current CEO of Bennett Industries is Liam Bennett, the man who was Coral’s best friend-­turned lover-­turned heart breaker when he walked away from her without any explanation and married another woman. For the last five years, Liam Bennett has been on his own mission—maintaining control of Bennett Industries while plotting to take down the one man who has kept him from the love of his life. When Coral re-­enters Liam’s world for this case, once-­buried feelings emerge, secrets are . . .

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