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SIZZLING, HOT, HARDCORE XXX SEX, SEX, SEX ... as only erotica author Kitty Fine can serve up. Warning: For adults 18+ only! This erotic short story contains explicit sex and language. All characters are 18+ and no minors are depicted in this work. Contains: college sex, porn stories, sex story, erotic story, teacher sex, sorority sex, sorority sluts, professor sex, older man younger woman, oral sex, sex, spanking, m/f

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Nymphomania runs in our family. We just can’t help it. This series follows the sex adventures of my baby sister, Candy. This is the first story from my sexy baby sister’s diary. She tells you how she lost her virginity to our ex-­stepdaddy right after her 18th birthday party. She couldn’t wait any more to lose it, or she was going to explode! And she gives her friend a free sex show.

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Sex addict Kim has another hot weekend with her sexy ex-­stepdad and her hunky ex-­stepbrother. She gets her fantasy come true – her first DP double teamed experience. Warning: For adults 18+ only! Contains explicit sex and language. All characters are 18+ and no minors are depicted in this work. Contains: DP, double teamed, double penetration, daughter sex, daddy sex, anal sex.

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Eighteen year old Kim has a thing for older men and a serious crush on her best friend’s sexy daddy. She wants him bad and is ready to lose her virginity. As she babysits for him, she finally gets her chance to get taken by a real man.

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This erotic short story contains explicit sex and language. All characters are 18+ and no minors are depicted in this work. Excerpt: She moved slightly closer to me, looking honestly concerned with an adorable frown lining her forehead. I looked down, her eyes were too inviting as they searched for mine. What the hell is wrong with me? I looked up. I looked her square in the eyes and by some force, its origin unknown to me, I told her exactly why I couldn’t be around her. After what seemed like an eternity of me confessing my sins, she just smiled and looked at me intently. I hadn’t noticed it before but she was sitting considerably closer to me now, within reach. I could smell her scent, a mixture of fruit and soap, a fresh smell that enveloped my senses and made me forget where I was for a moment. It was in this intoxicating moment that she folder her arms around me, gave me a slight squeeze, then released me a bit and whispered in my ear, “I’m sure there must be something we . . .

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After graduating, Candy's still recovering from her DP double team on prom night ("Sex Diary of a Nymphomaniac Slut #3"). But she loved it so much, she’s ready for more. When Candy goes back to her old high school to visit her two favorite teachers, Derek and Evan, the sexy teachers she's always fantasized about, she gets an extra special session with both of them, at once. This short erotic story of about 3,­000 words contains adult material that may offend some, including: DP double penetration, double team, menage sex, student teacher sex in school and multiple, hot orgasms.

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In this second story in the Sex Diary of a Nymphomaniac Slut series, Candy reveals all about the time she got caught masturbating by her best friend’s daddy, Joe.

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Erotica author Kitty Fine shares some of her sexy experiences in "Gangbang Sex Party.­" This is the third short story of her semi-­autobiographical series, Confessions of a Stripper.

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