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Strap yourself in and strap something on as you're transported across galaxies and lifetimes by Kiernan Kelly, Kage Alan, Angelia Sparrow, T.­C. Blue and Shae Connor. Whether it's an interspecies pregnancy between two hormonal males, a swashbuckling group of pirates, or free gifts that talk, you'll soon learn why in space, no one can hear you cream. Open wide for BUTT PIRATES IN SPPAAACCCEEE What to Expect When Your Boyfriend is Expecting What fun is a crossspecies pregnancy without an oldfashioned kidnapping to shake things up Spacehunters The Future of Perfect Love Is A Bitchfest BUtopia There are times when even a space pirate needs to do the right thing. This isnt one of them. Free Gift with Purchase Sometimes the free gifts are the ones that keep on givingwhether you want them to or not. Pride of the Rangers Disgraced Lieutenant Commander Cliff Cody of the Space Exploration Rangers escapes from prison and turns pirate.

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