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\n\nErica never knew how much she needed until it was time for the man of the house to show her.­When she came back from time away, she found a big surprise waiting for her, and she had to have it! Good thing for her, the man of the house is ready to oblige.­This taboo tale will steam up the windows, but you have to look inside to see.

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This novel-­length collection gathers the first nine stories in Natalie Deschain\'s *First Times* series. \nNine women, nine first times, nine tales of innocence lost. The first time is always unforgettable. \nThis pulse pounding collection delves into wanton lusts and forbidden loves, and contains heights of pleasure so intense I can\'t tell you what they are. Take a peek at the preview, and see for yourself. \n**

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\n\nMadison asks Chris to do her a special favor, and teach her a lesson. She needs help from someone experienced, and she\'s eager to learn... but that\'s just an excuse. She pines for someone too close, too forbidden, and when she finally lays all her cards on the table... she\'s shocked by his enthusiasm.­What these two lack in experience they make up for in passion. The rest is too taboo, so you\'ll have to look inside for details.­Natalie Deschain\'s Taboo Tales are standalone stories and may be read in any order.

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\n\nCindy steals Josh\'s college paper, and if he wants it back he\'s going to have to do her a big favor.

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