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Can love survive anything?­Thomas is torn between saving a past love and protecting the woman in his present. Traveling to Africa to save his wife's life, he leaves his m nage unprotected against political forces that will stop at nothing to destroy the black ops organization he works for-­even if it means attacking women and children.­On the day she thought her greatest challenge was going to be interviewing nannies, Celia finds herself chased by thugs. In order to survive she must evolve from Kitten to Tigress to protect not only her unborn, but also Thomas's four young children. On the run and without either Master or Lord Fyre to protect her, the question is where Celia's journey will end.­Content warning, BDSM during pregnancy, lactation play, MMF.

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Previous Book Voyeur Genre BDSM Multicultural MenagePolyamory Atlanta attorney Autumn Blessings has it all going for her, a new law office with a solid client list, two men who love her, and good friends who support her choices; however... When her lover Michael starts seeing another and she is left solely to the care of her sadistic partner Jonas, play gets a little more dangerous. When she starts topping her sadist from below, chaos ensues, and the strength of the menage is tested. Then it's announced that her father, a man she hasn't seen since she was a child, is to be named the next Prime Minister. Paparazzi descends on her life, making her every move front page news. Like that exposure isn't bad enough, she learns the true meaning of the word when a client is killed and the killer starts stalking her. Autumn turns to her men for protection, but it turns already tense relations into razor sharp emotional implements of torture. Too stressed to cope, Autumn flees to her . . .

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Genre BDSM Multicultural Contemporary With a nonexistent social life and an overbearing father, Stephanie Ricci is desperate to escape the chaos her life has become workouts, classes, work, more workouts, studying, and competitions. Shes so burned out and numb shes taken to dangerous behavior just to feel anything. When she finds herself hogtied in the desert by her fathers archnemesiss son, she feels something she hasnt felt in years alive. And she wants to feel it again. Shiro Muirin is immediately attracted to the dark, dangerous beauty who is the daughter of his fathers archrival. He jumps at the chance to spend time with her, even if it means helping her run from her father. And when shes more than willing to be tied in his rope, he knows hes found the woman hes been looking for and he refuses to be bound by their two families' tradition of hate. Publisher's Note This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find . . .

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Chronicles of Surrender, Book 3Lord Fyre's life is so secretive even Kitten and Garrett, the lovers in his committed ménage, know him only by an alias. An international agent, he's wanted in many countries—­dead or alive. When his past catches up with him, Lewd Larry's BDSM Fetish Fantasy Night Club may no longer keep him safe.­With his twin brother in danger, Lord Fyre must return to Paris to save him. But the cat-­and-­mouse intrigue he left behind isn't his only challenge. A past flame may be the greatest danger he's ever faced. And the danger to the ménage may be greater.­Inside Scoop: This ménage includes m/m. Also, Kitten has to check out the competition in all ways, which leads to a wee bit of f/f contact, and spies, being spies, get into some extremely violent scrapes.­An Exotika® BDSM erotica story from Ellora's Cave

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Book one in the Chronicles of Surrender series.­Celia sold herself in a bargain for rough play and a great storynot murder!­Celia Brentwood, fetish reporter for San Franciscos Inappropriate Voices, agrees to auction herself off as a BDSM slave for thirty days. She plans to write a first-­person exposé, but after shes purchased by Garrett Lawrence, the most eligible gay bachelor in town, her story becomes an insider peek at the man whose lover was brutally murdered five years ago.­Garrett still mourns the loss of his beloved, but the past is hard to forget when its stalking him. The killer is obsessed with Garrett, and when Celias deception is discovered, the killer decides shes the perfect route to his prey.

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