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Walter “Dutch” Harber, the President of the United States, is recovering in Florida after suffering an emotional collapse. His recovery, however, is interrupted when he receives word that his political enemies have uncovered a secret from his past that could not only bring down his presidency, but forever destroy the unshakable bond he has with his African-­American wife. In the fourth installment of the President’s Girlfriend series, Dutch and Gina must confront and destroy the ghosts of their past, before those ghosts destroy them.

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President Walter “Dutch” Harber and his African-­American wife Gina thought the birth of their child and the exposure of those seeking to bring their marriage to its knees would have meant blissful times ahead for the interracial couple. But they quickly discover that their enemies have other plans, and blissfulness is the last thing they are about to experience. It all begins when the couple refuses to parade their child in front of cameras or release any photos in a concerted effort to keep him out of the limelight. A scandal erupts where Dutch’s paternity is called into question and where Gina is accused of not only engaging in illicit affairs inside the White House, but of criminal wrongdoing as well. Their marriage, once rock solid, begins to feel the strain of too many battles, too many lies and innuendo, too many people seeking to tear apart a couple that refuses to play political games or live by anybody else’s compass. And when the bombardment becomes too much, when Gina . . .

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When Regina Lansing, an activist attorney from Newark, New Jersey, catches the eye of the President of the United States, she assumes it’s because of her outspoken stance against his tough policies. But when they meet, and sparks fly, she discovers the soul mate she never dreamed would come her way. Walter “Dutch” Harber, the gorgeous bachelor president, has his hands full with a combative Congress and an upcoming reelection bid. But when he meets Gina, this voluptuous black woman with all the right curves, he finds in her a strong, independent equal who keeps him intellectually-­challenged publicly and sexually-­energized privately, so much so that he becomes convinced that he has finally met the love of his life. But Washington politics won’t give this interracial couple an easy ride, as they must battle forces from within and forces from without that seek to tear down everything they have fought so hard to build up. And just when they thought they had endured every knockout . . .

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Dutch and Gina are back. Dutch is now in his second term as president, and Gina is his brand new First Lady. And only one month after the inauguration, their honeymoon is over. Dutch has to deal with crisis after crisis that often questions his ability to lead, while Gina has to deal with a doubtful press that refuses to accept her as First Lady. She is criticized about everything, from her dress style to her beliefs in social justice to her devotion to her husband. She often finds herself in confrontations she never asked for, but also never backs down from. It is Dutch, however, who refuses to allow anyone to disrespect her. But when women from Dutch’s past make accusations that rock his presidency to its core, creating a maelstrom of unrelenting, nasty attacks the interracial couple had never dreamed they’d encounter, they find themselves caught in a whirlwind that pushes their relationship near the breaking point. And that forces them to question if their love and devotion . . .

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