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The Greyson sisters have always craved pleasure. One by one, they find it with men they never knew they needed. Ashley is all about generating heat. Shes a baker after all. But nothing prepares her for the heat she feels when three firefighters show up to thank her for the baked goods she sends their way. Andre, Diego, and Linc have always been the best of friends, and they all want a taste of the hot new baker. Theyre even willing to share. Three sexy men and one lucky ladybring on the HEAT

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Book 7 in the Bare Love series.

Stace needs help finding her missing sister. What she gets is Donavan Shepard. Shep is everything a woman could ever desire in a man and much, much more. Hell, he reminds her of a Viking; all she wants is to be ravished over and over again.

Shep wants to find a woman who he can bare all with, keeping nothing hidden. Stace seems to be the one. Can he help her find her sister and convince her to give them a chance? One taste of her lush flesh and he’ll do whatever he can to achieve both.

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Book Three in the Bare Love series. Cass Sinclair has spent the last five months at home with her parents, helping to care for her mother who was dying of cancer. After her mother's funeral Cass returns to Legacy for her friend Moira's wedding. First on her list of things to do is Moira's bachelorette party at the home of the brother of the groom, Doug Daniels, and his best friend and business partner Damon Roberts. Cass meets Doug and Damon when she demonstrating how to walk on her hands, wearing nothing but her lacy underwear and threeinch red high heels. For the three of them it is lust at first sight and it just may lead to something more, something bigger, something so much better than they ever dreamed. But someone doesn't like Cass' new romance and they'll do anything to stop it, even murder.

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Series : Book 1 of "Bare Love"
His Bare Obsession Lacey Thorn" This is the first book in the Bare Love series.­"It was just another day in the small town of Legacy for sexy gym owner Moira Madigan and her best friend Cass. Until they investigated a noise and stumbled upon the body of the latest victim of the rapist and killer who was preying on the women in their town. Now being stalked by this madman, Moira is put under the protective custody of Detective Gil Daniels. He's tall, dark, handsome and just about the sexiest thing she's ever seen. The good news is he's crazy about her too. The bad news is so is the killer and he'll use anyone to get to her. Can she trust the detective to keep her body safe or only to bring her the ultimate pleasure a woman can have? Sex with Gil Daniels is better than anything she's ever dreamed of and she just might be falling in love. All she has to do is survive meeting his family and avoid the obsessed killer and she might find that happily ever after.

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Book eight in the Bare Love series.­Griff doesnt know what is missing until a six-­foot knockout walks into his life. She cusses like a sailor, calls it like it is and has him wrapped in knots from the word go. He wants her. She wants him. Only question is how long it will take to get her naked.­Honor needs help and Midnight, Inc. security firm, comprised of ex-­Marines, Rangers and martial arts specialists, seems the perfect choice. But their help has her safely tucked away with a hunk named Griff as her bodyguard. Oh, shed definitely like him to keep a close eye on her body. Hell, shed like him to do just about anything to her. One look and shes barely breathing. Only question is how long she can keep him.­A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Elloras Cave

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Legend awakened…

Reno has known there was more to him since he awoke in the hospital, alive when he should have died. Only one thought consumed him. Find Tah. Watch over him. Protect him. Then everything changed.

A tempted tiger…

A mission gone wrong brings him face to face with a woman who tempts his tiger from hiding. He wants her with a fierce hunger that consumes him and shocks him with the possessive nature she awakens.


Amia belongs nowhere. Not with the Blane family of hunters she was born into, and not with the dominant man who kidnaps her and turns her world upside down. She runs. She fights. And when the time comes, she pays the price. Running isn’t an option, and there’s no fighting a man who turns her inside out with unquenchable lust. Maybe, just maybe, she’s found where she belongs.

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Series : Book 4 of "Bare Love"
This is book four in the Bare Love series but may be read as a stand-­alone story.­"Fire.­unquenchable.­unstoppable.­Ally wants one thing-­to stop the man who killed her mother from killing anyone else. What she finds is more than she ever imagined. Blake, the fire marshal in Legacy, has finally met his match in the woman he mistakes for a pyromaniac. But the fire they ignite together is sure to burn them both in the flames of passion.­Catherine Daniels is fighting flames of her own. The time has come for her to decide what she wants-­life with the man she is coming to love, or letting him walk away because of her fears and uncertainties. It is a decision that she struggles with every moment. Until the night she may lose the ability to choose at all.­" Reader Advisory: Contains several m/f/m m nage scenes.

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The Greyson sisters have always craved pleasure. One by one, they find it with men they never knew they needed. Mandy was hoping for a new start far away from the rumors circulated by her exboyfriend. She would be smart this time. Reserved. She would curb her wild side and be the professional she should be. But one look at Mitch and Tanner and those goals fly out the window. And thats before she even knows about Dylan. From the first glimpse, Tanner is smitten. Its easy to see Mitch shares the feeling. And neither has any doubt Dylan will feel the same. Theres just something about Mandy. Now if they can only persuade her to give them a chance. One woman with three men satisfying all her needs. Let the pleasure begin.

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