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Aleksandr Evanoff is an intimidating, dangerous gangster with an army of loyal associates at his beck and call. He’s used to getting what he wants, and everyone stays out of his way. So when he lays eyes on Natalia Primac and decides he must have her, he’s unsure what to do when the beautiful young woman expresses thorough disinterest. It’s not until he strikes a bargain with her that he finally begins to win her over… Or does he? Natalia Primac is a strong, determined woman who takes no crap from anyone – especially any man. But when she encounters her father being worked over by mob boss Alek Evanoff, he makes her an offer: she must share his bed in exchange for her father’s life. Furious, she realizes she must go along with it while keeping her surprisingly wild desire for the sexy gangster under wraps… Will Natalia be able to suppress her desire for him? Will Alek’s heart of ice ever soften? Will they ever admit their feelings to each other?

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In the game of love, the stakes are always high… Trisha Copeland has been detained for cheating in a Moscow casino. Except she isn’t a cheater. Try telling that to the casino owner, a sexy Russian mafia boss whose lustful gaze has Trisha feeling feverish. Whatever he wants with her, it can’t be good—but maybe it’s time for Trisha to be a little bad. Mob boss Anatoly Zaretsky doesn’t know what it is about the fiery American, but he’ll do what he can to keep her close. What he does with her once she’s been contained? Well, that’s another game entirely. Note: This story contains multiple red-­hot steamy scenes between a Russian mobster and a fiery young woman.

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Katya Orlov is a rebellious Russian mafia darling who attracts trouble. When Sasha Alkaev is commissioned by her cousin Dimitri to look out for her, she’s determined to shake him off and eventually escape altogether – but his aggressive determination to protect her sparks an attraction that she can’t deny. As they dodge the bullets together, the romance that builds between them may sabotage her plans… Sasha Alkaev is a former mafia associate trying to go straight. So when his cousin Dimitri asks for a favor – to keep his eye on Dimitri’s cousin Katya – Sasha is apprehensive. When he realizes this beautiful woman is a magnet for trouble, his protective instincts crank into overdrive. He wants to keep her safe, but she won’t stop running away. But after a night of hot passion, Sasha realizes he likes Katya. A little too much… Can Sasha and Katya hold back their desire for each other? Can Sasha keep her safe?

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He was supposed to protect her, but he fell in love instead.. Veronika Saiko wants to get as far away from her mobster father, Fedor Saiko, as soon as possible. Enrolling into Graduate school, she plans on leaving him. Her father agrees, but with one condition; she has to have a bodyguard. Kazimir Nikonov is one of her father’s most trusted men, but he harbors a dark secret. Kazimir isn’t as loyal as he seems. As he plots to overthrow her father’s hold on the mob, he isn’t happy about being assigned bodyguard and babysitter duty to the spoiled Veronika. But she’s not a girl anymore. As they grow closer and closer, their desire becomes impossible to ignore. Will she distract him from his ultimate goal? Or will she be the catalyst to his end?

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never tasted so sweet… When Emily Volkov’s brother fires a sexy Russian mobster from the company, she has no idea the fury he has stoked in him. Now a successful businessman, and hell bent on revenge, Ivan Dedov decides to take it in the most satisfying way he can think of—by making Emily his mistress. Despite her hesitance, the fire in Ivan’s eyes awakens something dark and deep in Emily. Her body is the key to her family’s salvation, and Ivan’s touch might be the key to her own. Note: This story contains multiple red-­hot steamy scenes between a Russian mobster and a young woman

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