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A ruthless outlaw kidnapped me while on the run for murder charges... Paige He is going to kill me if I try to run. Now he owns my ass until he decides otherwise. The problem is, I don't know if I love it or hate it. I wasn't supposed to end up in this room, but fate had other plans in store for me. Danger has a funny way of betraying your better judgment. I have to keep my shit together if I want to stay alive. He's hellbent on making sure I keep his secret, but I don't know how long I can hash it out with this rugged tattooed badass. If I play along, he might actually let me walk out of here alive. Why in the hell can't I stop thinking about leaving here with him? Beast She wasn't supposed to be here, but I can't risk her telling the authorities about me. Let her go? Hell no! I won't let her leave until I know I'm in the clear. I tried like hell to scare her, but I can't shake how she makes me feel. No chick has ever put my mind at ease the way she does, and if I keep listening . . .

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How did I wind back up in this bad boy's bed? Raven I left this life behind long ago. I wasn't supposed to end back up in his bed. Going to school to be a medical examiner was supposed to give me a new lease on life, a life that didn't include him. I was the bad girl turned good, but then he happened. Everything happened. His fierce eyes burned a hole right through me. One look at him was all it took. I wanted to save him, but who was going to save me from myself? I know I'm too good for him and I should've never come back, but now I can't change what's happened. Every time--­every single time--­I look at him, my panties drip with anticipation. There's no stopping myself now. Chaos I never knew the meaning of being tied down, unless it was tying a chick to my bedpost. Flirt, f*ck and party. That's what being the enforcer is all about. Being a bad boy means taking chances, screwing everything that walks and representing the patch. That's all I'm guilty of. Those murder charges? Nah, . . .

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Prince Charming? No thanks! Give me a bad boy and I'm happy. Lexi I'm supposed to be the bad girl. The bad apple. Rule breaker Lexi! My prince charming was supposed to be an outlaw, a biker bad boy or someone equally forbidden. Falling in love with Liam Bane, a family friend my dad would have approved of, was not on the agenda. Liam I never got over my childhood crush. Sarabelle may be my best friend, but Lexi is the one that I want. I've always been close to her, being her twin sister's best friend. Unfortunately, Lexi has never looked at me twice. Lexi wants trouble and I'm too safe for her. Maybe it's time I told her all about my darkest secrets... **Bad Girls Do It Better is a full-­length bad boy billionaire romance novel. Guaranteed happy ending included :­) NO Cliffhanger!­**

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