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Five more erotic stories about women exploring sex with other women for the first time.

"The Locker Room" - Abby stays late after practice and gets in over her head when she spies on her two teammates together in the shower.

"Counterplay" - ...

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Five erotic stories about women exploring sex with other women for the first time.

"Brianna" - A girl realizes she's crazy about her best friend after a shocking incident opens her mind to new perspectives. Can she make a move, or will she just...

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Five more erotic stories about women exploring sex with other women for the first time.

"Prison Pussy" - Sandi's a hot but narcissistic eighteen-­year-­old whose ego landed her in prison. She turns to her cellmate for protection, but is she will...

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Mia's friends pressure her to partake in a certain little something with them, but none of the four girls have any idea that mixing latent urges and altered moods will lead them to a rather incredible experience - each other's bodies. The morning after a foursome might be awkward, but they've got no spare thoughts for that concern tonight...

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Brooke is returning home from her first year at college, very unhappy at having to spend two whole weeks alone with her new stepmom. She’s certain she’ll hate the older woman, and it’s no help that she turns out to be gorgeous. But it’s not jealou...

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It seems Olivia's gorgeous friend Kaylee has a secret second job, and thinks they could make good money working together. Shy and inexperienced Olivia quickly gets in over her head, but she also finds she's really enjoying herself...

Content: F...

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Five erotic stories about women seducing each other and having sex for the first time. "Seducing Sadie" - Sadie is gorgeous, but, due to a strict upbringing, has never even kissed before. Kendra is recently single, and looking to explore her attraction to girls. She comes up with a plan to seduce Sadie, and it starts in the hot tub... "Sara's Dare" - Beth accepts a dare from a gorgeous girl to prove that she's straight... but can she actually follow through? "Should we?­" - Caitlin and Jessica were raised in very strict religious households. Jessica's managed to learn a few things despite that - and hopes to use that knowledge to seduce Caitlin. "Angela's Awakening" - Angela and her best friend wake up in bed together after a night of drunken mistakes. They didn't have sex with each other... but they realize that they want to. "Angela's Explorations" - Something seems to be bothering Tara. Can Angela's feelings - and her eager tongue - help her best friend and lover feel better?

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College student Danni answers a personal ad for a modeling photoshoot, but the strangely frisky model and her photographer seem to have something else planned.

An 8,­000 word scene following the seduction of a would-­be model into her first sexua...

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Brooke and her new stepmother have certainly made a drunken mess of things. Pamela decides they can't fool around anymore, but Brooke is resolved to break her stepmother's resolve with a few temptations...

Content Advisory: Features first time ...

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Struggling to get a hold of herself, Piper sets some boundaries for what she's willing to do when 'helping her roommate out'. Isabella seems to accept her limits, but the blonde always eventually gets her way...

This is Part 2 of "Steps to Submission", following Piper's descent into sexuality and depravity at the hands of her roommate.

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