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Addy Croft has always been the loyal, dutiful daughter to the Shifter Clan Leader who was her adoptive father. So when he trusted her with a task of utmost importance, she took it as a sing of his faith in her. She would go meet with a ferocious crew, the Clan that makes up Big Paw Security. This would just be another mission and she would handle herself like a professional. But as soon as she saw Marcus, the feelings she normally tried to keep pushed down made her tingle. Marcus had a bad feeling that day. Sometimes you just wake up and you know the clouds are gonna come out and the coffee's gonna be stale. But the job was the job, so he was off to the airport to pick up an envoy from the Croft Clan in New York. But then he saw her, like a ray of sunshine cutting through the clouds. Too bad they couldn't see the tornado barreling down on them from the other direction... This 11,­000+ word Novella contains Bear Shifter hotness, a Happily Ever After, No Cheating and No Cliffhanger. . . .

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