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Jolene’s perfect life plan is shattered when her fiancé announces he’s dumping her for his true mate. A disastrous marriage later, and Jolene finds herself alone and increasingly unhappy with her place in her wolf pack. Reid spent his teenage years obsessing over his brother’s girlfriend. Unable to watch her heartbroken, and pining for his brother, he left his family and his pack behind. Six years later, unable to stay away, he finds his feelings for her unchanged. He’s thrilled at being reunited with Jolene, and is keen to make her his mate. Just as long as he can get past his obnoxious older brother, her deadbeat ex-­husband and her aversion to true mates, he knows he can make her happy. He just has to convince her of that. Please note this is a mini-­novel and approximately 37,­000 words in length. But caution is advised! Contains scenes of a sexual nature with m/f interaction intended for mature readers 18+. (And there’s quite a bit of swearing too!­)

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When the tiger shifter Simone crashes into his life, wolf shifter Acksel knows she’s important to him. But when Simone leaves without so much as a goodbye, or even telling him her last name, he fears he’s lost her forever. Simone never intended to drag anyone into her problems. All she wanted to do was take care of her mother and stay out of the way of her cruel Alpha. But in a moment of weakness she spends the night with a handsome wolf shifter, and now she fears that he won’t even live long enough to regret meeting her. Please note this is a mini-­novel and approximately 35,­000 words in length. But caution is advised! Contains scenes of a sexual nature with m/f interaction intended for mature readers 18+. (And there’s quite a bit of swearing too!­)

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Tiger shifter Isis Martin isn’t thrilled about being dragged out to a cemetery in the middle of the night, conveniently forgetting that she volunteered for it. But her annoyance at running around a creepy cemetery in the wet and the dark, even her fury at being pushed into an open grave disappears when she’s pulled from her early grave by the velvety voiced human Detective Rafael Silva. While Isis and Raf try to figure who, or what, has been relieving graves of their corpses, Isis tries to come to terms with her inner tiger who is determined to make the human her mate, her oncoming heat and the ghost of her mom who just won’t stop haunting her! Shifters’ corpses are being stolen, but can Isis keep her paws off her human detective long enough to solve the case? Caution! This does contain swearing (there’s a lot of use of the f word!­), as well as scenes of a sexual nature with m/f interaction intended for mature readers.

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This addition to the series starts before Book 1 and ends after Book 3. For Gerry Sanders, a python shifter and director at the Supernatural Enforcers Agency, work was the most important thing in his life. Right up until an adorable little squirrel shifter runs right into his life equipped with mistletoe and a singing reindeer sweater. He wants her, his beast wants her more. But there’s one problem – other than the huge age gap and the fact that he is technically her boss – he’s married. He’s stuck in an arranged marriage to a python shifter who can’t stand him. But with an expiration date on their unhappily married life, can he hold onto his squirrel shifter before she realizes that she can do better than a miserable, middle-­aged snake shifter? While the SEA encounters cases of revenge killings, and Gerry deals with his wife and a crazy brother-­in-­law, can he solve the cases before someone decides to take vengeance on him and he loses his mate for good? And caution! This does . . .

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Fired from his job at the Supernatural Enforcers Agency due to his short fuse, Zane Matthews starts his own detective agency. Mostly it’s cheating spouses, with a little bit of underwear theft, and Zane spends his days trying to learn how to control his anger and get back into the SEA. But that changes when the beautiful and kind Sky Danvers walks into his office. She thinks she’s being stalked, and his howling bear will do anything to protect her. Even if it involves attending yoga classes and eating tofu. But rare species are going missing across the country, and Sky is the rarest of them all. Can he save her, learn how to control his temper and prove he’s the man she needs? Caution! This does contain swearing (there’s a lot of use of the f word!­), as well as scenes of a sexual nature with m/f interaction intended for mature readers.

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Kylie Summers was an ordinary woman. Cheating ex-­fiancé, job she hated, no love life to speak of… But after a drunken encounter with a stone statue, she suddenly finds herself with a gargoyle houseguest called Luc and a mission to free all gargoyles from a fate worse than death. But, just finding and waking Luc’s lost brothers and sisters is hard enough, there are those in the world who also know about the gargoyles, and wish to wake them for their own reasons. As Kylie and the gargoyle, Luc try to work together, they find that helping an entire race really won’t be that easy, but falling in love will be. But caution is advised as this is intended for mature readers 18+ only - it contains scenes of a sexual nature between an alpha male gargoyle and an accident-­prone human.

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Unlucky in love pack Omega Carly Finlay is thrilled to be opening her cake shop. At least one thing in her life is going well, the less said about her love-­life, the better. However, after being dragged to attend a cage fight the little Omega is momentarily elated to scent her mate, but that soon sours after she comes face to face with a horny, seven foot, cage fighting, Kodiak bear shifter. Cain Moran is overjoyed to meet his little she-­wolf mate, he just wishes it could have been under better circumstances. When his skittish mate hightails it, he chases after her, determined that she will accept him as her mate. However, Cain will also have to contend with his biggest fan, groupies and his manager, who are less than thrilled at him for dropping everything for the little wolf. Can he woo his sensitive mate and prove he is the mate she deserves? Can he cope with her Omega abilities and get over the fact that the pack will always have a claim on her? Can Carly come to terms with . . .

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*** Book 04.­5 *** Enjoy this collection of Supernatural Enforcers Agency holiday themed short stories. From Christmas to Father’s Day the stories continue from the books, with stories about old characters as well as new ones. The stories are also available to read online for free at: http:­//elizabethannprice.­wix.­com/eapricenovellas This collection is just for anyone who wishes to purchase for their reading device. In these stories, jaguar shifter Diaz has his hands full on Christmas Eve – literally, when he’s caught in a hostage situation and tied to a grumpy penguin shifter. Cutter and Lucie have a memorable Valentine’s thanks to a Cupid wannabe. Erin and Gunner’s Valentine’s is cut short by an annoying ghost – who is anything but friendly. Diaz, along with the bear shifter Boris and swan shifter Cecile learn to be wary of leprechauns the hard way. Gorilla shifter Mason tries to keep up with a tenacious bunny while hunting eggs. Lioness Avery meets her hero on Cinco de Mayo. . . .

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Wolfs and witches don’t mix. So what happens when a wolf and a witch are true mates?­Alec Hart, Sheriff of Rose, Virginia and Beta to the Grey Wolf Pack never expected to find a mate. His own angry nature meant that he avoided relationships at all costs, not wanting to tie any woman to a violent wolf. But when he gets a whiff the sweet vanilla scent of his mate he’s powerless to resist...­Sweet young plump witch Livia Briers never thought she would ever have a shot with the handsome older wolf, instead choosing to lust after him from afar. But drawn together by the disappearance of a local witch can she really keep her hands off him?­Can a witch and a wolf find happiness together? Or will the prejudices of others tear them apart? Warning! Contains scenes of a sexual nature with m/f interaction intended for mature readers. (And there’s quite a bit of swearing too!­) Naughty Beta...

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Rosalee Bennett comes to the town of Rose after inheriting the house of a grandmother she never knew. Things don’t exactly get off to a good start when she runs into the infuriating but sexy Alpha in the local grocery store and then gets in the middle of an argument in the local pizza parlour. Not that it matters, she’s not planning on staying in the sleepy little town. Adam Grey, Alpha of the pack, never has trouble with women. They all practically fall at his feet, until Rosalee... He doesn’t exactly make a great first impression, which is even more frustrating when he actually realises what his wolf was trying to tell him – she’s his mate. The Alpha struggles to think of a way to woo his sparky little mate. However when she wakes to find a burglar prowling in her house thankfully there’s a very determined wolf on hand to literally burst through her door to protect her... Can the Alpha convince his mate to stay with him? Can he keep her safe long enough to even make that . . .

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