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A.­D. 2203 Adam and Eve By Ravyn Wilde Werewolves have but one genetic breeding mate. Male Weres can only detect their mate's scent during the full moon, so females of all warmblooded species who don't want to be claimed lock themselves in "safe rooms" so their scents can't be detected. For all of her 38 years, geneticist Eve Longtree, an independent human female through and through, has never forgotten to lock herself into her safe room during Lupine moon. Until now. At His Mercy By Doreen DeSalvo Faith Hartley is a researcher in the field of metaphysics. She's also a psychic. She desperately needs Jake McIntyre's approval for grant funds to continue conducting research at the university. Jake wants her to prove her psychic abilities before he'll even consider it. He wants Faith to read his mind, and he arrogantly believes she cannot. He's thinking of Faith in wicked ways Barbarian By Kate Douglas Bryony believes her captive is the sex slave trader responsible for her sister's . . .

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Books of Kate Douglas, Doreen DeSalvo, Lani Aames Lora Leigh