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At one of Vegas’ sexiest clubs, where everyone cums for a good time, Ian discovers he’s caught the eye of one smokin’ hot dude. When an old flame tries to get more than just the music pumping, Ian decides he’d rather test out the heat he’s been fe...

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Wade, the star basketball player, is getting heat from his coach and stepdad for slacking off during the play-­offs. They decide to give him a lesson on how to properly penetrate the hole.

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Corey heads to the mountains with his sexy Uncle Jesse and his firehouse buddies. After taking a dip in the lake Uncle Jesse and his best buds decide to take a dip in Corey.

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Why have one when you can have many? Double Team X3 includes 14,­000 steamy words creating one hot gay erotic bundle.

1. Double Teaming Brayden
2. Double Teamed by Coach and Dad
3. Double Teaming the Stepbrother

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Stepcest Taboo is a collection of six erotic short stories featuring twins, daddies, frat boys, kissing cousins, and one hot fireman uncle and his poker buddies. This 22,­000 word collection contains graphic sex (threesomes, foursomes, interracial gang bang, rimming, and ass pounding bareback sex. Intended for mature adults.

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While mom is away 18-­year-­old Bryan comes home for Summer break and decides to give his hot step-­dad a taste.

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Tyler is the star of school's swim team and has caught the eye of a rival, Luke. Jonas, Tyler's stepbrother, is a typical college intramurals jock who finds himself jealous of Tyler’s new friend.

With three libidos in overdrive, things heat up when Tyler tries to sneak Luke in for some late night naked twister and Jonas decides to crash the party.

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A collection of three hot tales involving twins and their partners. There's college sex, frat house sex, car sex, one hot foursome, and interracial goodness.

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Chance is settling in at State University and finds himself surrounded by an abundance of horny frat boys, and his first big black cock. He decides to share his catch with his sexy twin step-­brothers in one cum drenching foursome, but why?

This is the follow up to the Best Seller, My Twin Brothers.

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Chance is thinking about transferring to State University, the same university his older twin step-­brothers attend. A simple visit turns into a sweaty college dorm room game of naked twister.

Publisher's note: Hot man on man sex. Intended for a mature audience.

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