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Leon wasn’t upset when a fallen tree trapped his stepmother at his cabin. With her nursing her new baby, his hidden lust for her soared. She worried that she hadn’t brought her breast pump. He didn’t see that as a problem. When she asked him to help her out, things got hotter than either of them dreamed possible. Would she cross the fine line separating them from ecstasy?

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Jerry and his wife needed a babysitter while they attend the company dinner. His hot neighbor Amber seemed happy to help. When they came home and caught her watching porn in their bed, Jerry’s wife didn’t explode; she told the young woman to keep going. Amber shocked them both when she begged Jerry to make her pregnant. That changed everything.

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Tiffany heard naughty whispers about her stepfather’s holiday parties. They said guests snuck off for orgies and that her stepfather seduced young women. This year she intended to attend the masked ball and see what really happened for herself. She’d fantasized about her stepfather for years. Just how far could she go without revealing herself? Would she cross the line?

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Jane needed help. With only a month until her due date, her mother threw her out. If she didn’t want to deliver her baby under a bridge, she needed a place to live. Out of options, she went to see her estranged stepfather. His welcome overjoyed her. Then she saw how her big belly turned him on. His attraction turned her on. Could they satisfy one another without ruining everything?

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Leon’s stepmother was eight months pregnant with his child. Their love of lactating sex still made their sex hot beyond belief. Tanya, Beth’s hot stepdaughter from her first marriage, moved in to help. It turned out she wanted a baby of her own. Beth wanted Leon to father her baby, too. Could they seduce the young woman? Would she love her mother’s milk as much as he did?

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Eve’s daughter-­in-­law needed a hand. Pregnant with twins and horny—just like Eve—she couldn’t even touch herself. Eve’s husband took take care of her needs, but Lynn had no one. When Eve offered to help the sexy young woman, she didn’t know how far she’d go. She certainly never expected her husband to show up in the middle of it. Could Eve help them express their mutual desire?

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Angie fretted about returning to work after giving birth, but her boss welcomed her with open arms. He’d even set up a room for her to pump. His obvious interest in her milk-­swollen breasts made her stomach flutter.

When he accidentally walked in on her pumping her breasts, he couldn’t take his eyes off her. She thought he looked thirsty. Could she talk him into taking a sip?

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Caught out of town on an unexpected layover, Kay went out to dinner with the pilots of the plane. When her milk leaked through her pads, it deeply embarrassed, but her friend’s interest turned her on.

She took a chance and followed them back to their room. Their attention aroused her so much that she wanted them. Could she use her milk to seduce them into making love to her together?

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Amy’s stepbrother came home early from college classes and caught her breastfeeding her daughter. His embarrassment amused her, so she kept feeding her baby as they talked.

When she saw how her breastfeeding excited him, it turned her on. She summoned her courage and decided to take things further, offering him a drink right from the source. Would his thirst overcome his resistance?

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Janet’s world came apart when an IED in Afghanistan injured her stepfather. Her imagination ran wild before he came home. His broken arms and legs were almost a relief.

She promised herself that she’d care for his every need. The first bath told her that meant the most intimate needs, too. Would he let her give him what he needed? Would he give her the baby she wanted?

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