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2 books of Daphne Loveling & J.D. Hardwick

College-­student Zach decides to stay at school and work over winter break. When his temporary roommate, Jake, asks him if he wants to watch some porn together, things heat up quickly, and Zach finds himself having the hottest sex of his life! Will Zach and Jake continue to warm each other up over the long, hard winter? Warning: This 6,­600-­word story is intended for mature adults only!

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Recently-­divorced Mark has a reluctant crush on his hot fitness instructor, Antonio. A steamy late-­night encounter in the showers has Mark begging his sexy teacher for more! Warning: This 4000 word story contains deliciously graphic descriptions of very willing sex between two consenting adult men. For mature audiences only!

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Books of Daphne Loveling & J.­D. Hardwick