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A Dom/sub relationship doesn’t just happen. It is a. In order for you and your submissive lady to “fit” one another and create a lasting, happy union there must be a period of training. It does not matter if your sub has thirty years of experience in submission or just read and decided to try it herself. She will need to be trained for the best relationship to emerge. " " was specifically written for doms/masters. It is designed to provide you with a on how to train your new sub. It goes from preparation all the way down to the closing ceremony including advanced techniques & tips. Training can be one of the most exciting, challenging and fun parts of the relationship. A well-­trained sub will not only serve you in the capacity you deserve, but will have built up the two most important elements in any BDSM relationship –. Following the instructions in this guide will allow you to.

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"Make Her Orgasm Again and Again" takes you through the experience of female orgasm. You'll learn what to say to heat up her mood, foreplay tricks to put her on her toes & ready for what's to come, different types of orgasms & how to achieve them, truth about female ejaculation, the G-­spot & how to stimulate it, & simple tricks to give her multiple mind-­blowing, squirting orgasms in one night.

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Are you one of those people who want to spice up their love life, longing to hear certain words whispered, moaned, growled, or uttered but just don’t know how to get started? In this guide you will learn 131 tried-­and-­tested phrases you can use to get your partner in the mood, during foreplay, during & after love making. They'll make your lover addicted to your voice & drive him/her wild in bed.

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You may think every Master has a huge house filled with straps, whips, sex toys, & bondage gear. Fortunately, most of the things you need to give your submissive the spanking of a lifetime can be found right in your own home. This guide gives you 31 common objects you already own or can purchase for minimal cost that'll enhance your BDSM relationship & provide you & your sub hours of pleasure.

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There are two foundational pillars of a relationship between a Dom and a sub: and. Everything else in the relationship – the fun, the love, the discipline, the eroticism, the tears and the journey – are all built on those standards. Both consent and trust require honest communication in order to thrive. The vast majority of that communication begins long before the training begins. In ",­" I listed 25 things you must know about your new sub if you want to create a satisfying relationship with a devoted submissive. It's not enough to just ask “What do you like?­” or “Would you like to be my sub?­” Without the knowledge of these 25 things, you may be able to create momentarily excitement but it will surly turn into a. Following this guide allows your sub to communicate freely and provides – even if she doesn’t have the words to do so. There are a million things subs want their Doms to know. These questions will help your sub tell you.

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Nothing will prepare you for a life of submission in the same way as your formal training. isn’t just a “good idea” when it comes to creating a BDSM relationship. It is essential. " " is designed to help you know what to expect when you go through training with a new Dom. Every couple is unique and every Dom may have different ways of teaching you the systems of service he prefers. However, these are the basics all trained subs and slaves learn and employ in daily life. Rushing into a relationship or service contract with a Dom without training puts the future of your time together at risk. All of the arguments, resistance, misunderstandings and hurt feelings that go with a new submissive’s experiences can be eradicated by a period designated for learning, listening, trial and error. Even if you have been with a previous Dom you will need to go through an abbreviated training time to ensure your patterns and understandings match one another. Training is a way to “get in the same . . .

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Anal sex is the most intimate personal connections a couple can have. Yet it's often misunderstood. "Better Anal Sex" helps demystify it & provide history, biology & tips on how to have a great experience with the “forbidden frolic.­” It shows you how much pleasure & potential lies in anal sex. Following these tips, you too can have that ultimate pleasure in your sexual repertoire.

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Has your sex life become dull and repetitive?

Whether you are a new couple, or have been married for 50 years, it can be difficult to maintain the level of fun and arousal in the bedroom that you would like. Too often, we approach sex as a serious matter, forgetting that it can be a wonderfully creative experience. We let the routine of our daily lives intrude upon the intimate time that we spend with our partner.

If we aren’t careful, sex can turn into a boring routine.

Fortunately, you don't need to engage in S&M or head to a swingers club to spice up your love life. By incorporating erotic role play into your sex lives, you can heighten and enhance your connection with your partner, whether physically, emotionally or mentally or all three!

If you have ever tried erotic role playing yourself, you know it's hard to come up with interesting ideas, and even harder to get your partner to play along. This is where "131 Sex Games & Erotic Role Plays for Couples" can . . .

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where people speak in their own formal and informal language, have rules and social norms, and create expectations based on everything from names to symbols you employ. As a sex educator and an active member in the BDSM community, I found most information floating around to be inaccurate and some even unhealthy. As a primer this guide will and present it in a to you. This guide is more than just a list of who and what. It is a map that will take you into the heart of the BDSM lifestyle, explore the motivations and expectations, and offer suggestions for the safe and sensual journey you are undertaking. In "BDSM Primer for Women", you will learn: - - The reasons you may want to participate in this lifestyle - - Safety concerns and legal issues - - What actions meet what needs - - How to communicate healthfully - - And much more...

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Fellatio, the art (trust me, it’s an art) of oral sex, is like playing an instrument. Mouth, hands, motion and emotion all mix together at the same time – and the beautiful music of your lover’s satisfaction is heard. Anyone can pick up an instrument and make noise, but to really play it takes knowledge, skill, and practice, practice, practice. " " will guide you, step by step, to the mind-­blowing blow jobs that your man will be willing to do almost anything for you to get one. Once you start following this guide, you will become one of the very few women who can really give great blow jobs, and more importantly, enjoy doing so yourself. And your man will never look at another woman ever again. Here are some of the things you will learn in this guide: - How to become comfortable and relaxed about performing oral sex... - Avoid these common mistakes during fellatio that would turn him off and leave him disappointed... - How to communicate with your partner BEFORE fellatio. Fail to . . .

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