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Cara Anthony is a plain Jane with the hots for the very rich very sexy Alex Mackenzie. What does it take to get a guy to notice you?­Maybe a little help from the F.­M.­P. Society that's what! Three supermodels who died in a tragic runway accident and collectively share a brain cell are Cara's brand new fairy godmothers.­Okay so they're vain vapid and shallow but they have a pair of magic shoes. Magic shoes that make you instantly attractive to the opposite sex and change with whatever you wear.­When Cara becomes their new assignment they convince her that Alex can be hers and give her the makeover of a lifetime. Now Cara has those shoes on and she's living large! But Cara has to take those shoes off and bare her soul to Alex sometime...­or risk losing everything.­Review quotes for F.­M.­P. Society by Dakota CassidyTruly funny romantic erotica is hard to write. Funny erotic with a heart and a message that warms said heart is as rare as hen's teeth....­a comic gem with genuine sweetness and . . .

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Series : Book 1 of "Vampire Thing"
Claire Treemont is a small-­town coroner with a small-­town social life -- as in, nonexistent. When a yummy body enters her life one night at the county morgue, Claire is astonished to find she's pretty sad he's dead. I mean, honestly, how often does someone like her get to gaze upon a body like that?

Zachariah Kowalski's got an affliction that has him waking up in places that are, to say the least, inconvenient. He also has a life mate who escapes him from century to century just as they're about to seal the vampire deal. Kinda frustrating, huh?

Add in a best friend, Jarrod, who's ever so helpful, and an ex who'd rather see him dead than with another woman, and you get... trouble. Oh, and a wild, passionate ride against time...

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Series : Book 3 of "Wolf Mates"
Julia Lawrence is a successful small business owner. She's got a high falutin' pet boutique based in Manhasset and she's made a bundle selling designer clothes for pets.

Who would know better how to design puppy pants than a woman who's also a werewolf? Or she-­wolf, as she prefers to be called.

Julia's got lots of money and it's time to invest it wisely.

Xavier Wolf is just the man to do it. He's an investment banker in his family-­owned firm, Pride Investments.

He likes more about Julia than just the money she needs invested.

But Julia is a werewolf and Xavier isn't too sure he's crazy about that.

But does he always have to roar about it?

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Series : Book 5 of "The Ex-­Files"

Maddie Blake hates marriage! To her, marriage is a trap that ruins any good relationship. She lived through one bad marriage and she has no intention of letting it happen to her and Cole, who she has been together with for six months. She loves Cole…but marriage? No way!

Maddie runs out of the house after Cole proposes and wouldn’t you know it, she gets hit…by a sleigh driven by an elf named Darwin. No joke. Darwin doesn’t know what to do, so he brings her to the North Pole where Maddie gets a few lessons from a tall elf name Al and the big man himself, Santa Claus.

With her arrival at the North Pole, Maddie experiences things she would never have believed possible. Dakota Cassidy’s imagination really kicks in here and she creates a North Pole that would be an amazing place to visit. Just as Maddie experiences everything the North Pole has to offer, so does the reader as they journey through the North Pole through Maddie’s eyes. It’s . . .

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Erotic Romance/Paranormal Erotica. 68885 words long. First published in 2009, 2009

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