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Ebenezer Falls, Washington...­a sleepy burg or murder central?
The game is afoot...­again, as amateur sleuth Stevie Cartwright plunges head first into another murder investigation. With twists, turns, and suspects aplenty, this one will keep you guessing from start to finish.
USA Today bestselling cozy mystery author Dakota Cassidy serves up mayhem and murder in The Old Witcheroo, Book 4 of her bestselling series, Witchless in Seattle Mysteries.
Just when you think you know your one-­time International Man of Mystery turned ghostly confidant...
When last we met, dear friends, a man had come calling, claiming to be Crispin Alistair Winterbottom, my dead British ex-­spy. A notion I'd find ludicrous, if the handsome imposter didn't, in fact, look exactly like my dead British ex-­spy. But there's no time for that mystery when a quiet walk on our private stretch of beach turns up something far more pressing—another tragedy in my beloved small Washington...

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Series : Book 2 of "The Spy Who Snagged Me"
Jane Blonde...

What once was a captivating statement made in the heat of a successful capture is now nothing but a memory for the washed-­up ex-­international spy. She left the infamous No Stone Unturned Agency to marry the man she thought would give her what she wanted most -- a family -- and keep her in retirement forever.

When her sister Cindy, an active NSU agent, goes missing, newly divorced Jane gets a call from NSU's chief, Thor Newcastle. Though rusty, she's determined to locate her precious sibling.

However, Thor sends someone to keep a silent, watchful eye on Jane... Enter Alejandro Estes, a hot-­blooded Brazilian with a host of secrets. He and Jane once tore up the sheets in every corner of the world, but he left her without so much as a goodbye. Now he wants back into her bed. And her life.

Secrets are what drove them apart, but lust and the assignment can't be the only things that keep them together. Jane won't . . .

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When former ballroom champion Melina Cherkasov found out that her famous husband was cheating, she was devastated, especially since she was informed by a sleazy reporter on national TV. Thanks to an ironclad prenup and a scumbag ex, Melina has to pack up her dog and her dignity and take refuge in her dad's retirement community in New Jersey. To make ends meet, Melina puts her dancing shoes to use as an instructor at Westmeyer-­a private school for boy geniuses. Teaching a bunch of hormonal teenagers to waltz is trying, but the school's sexy handyman provides ample distraction. Drew McPhee is perfect, except for one thing: He doesn't like dancing. Thankfully, the finesse Drew lacks on the floor is more than made up for by his skills in the bedroom. And after one steamy night, the ballroom diva is the one getting swept off her feet...

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Series : Book 1 of "The Spy Who Snagged Me"
International spy and former beauty queen Cindy Crisco is hot on the trail of a notorious arms dealer.

She’s hell-­bent on apprehending him with her faux lipstick encased gun and Lycra, bullet-­proof jumpsuit.

However, a certain rival spy wants to do the same thing.

An abandoned warehouse, some fancy spy gadgets and two spies vying for the same spy coup.

Oh, and a pair of handcuffs..

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Devon Masters moved to San Antonio to take over her dead grandmother's antique shop. She's longing for a change in her life -- but the changes don't include stuff only Stephen King could rival! See, Devon's got a ghost and it's wreaking havoc in her charming new apartment.

Can you hear the theme song from the movie Poltergeist? Spooky, eh?

Enter Gustavo Hernandez. Gustavo, tall, dark and all things parapsychology -- like doesn't take Devon too seriously at first, until he's compelled to show up at her door because of some pretty freaky information she passes on.

What's a guy to do when a hot babe has a ghost that needs busting? Yep -- you guessed it. Gustavo's going in and taking no prisoners -- except maybe Devon Masters!

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