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I didnt know. How could I All through high school, I was beaten up and teased for being gay. But I wasnt gay. Or didnt think I was. Now Wes, the guy across the street whos taken me under his wing and been the best friend Ive ever had, wont stop invading my dreams, hell, my every waking thought. Am I gay Because Im thinking Id like to kiss him. Actually, Im thinking theres a lot more Id like to do with his mouth and the rest of that tall, confident, muscular body. Ah, man Im so gay But what if he doesnt feel the same way about me And, Jesus, what about my parents And those bastards from school are still around. And Im supposed to go to college this fall Shit, I need to sit down. I cant breathe and Im about to shake apart. Then Wes puts his hand on the back of my neck, gives me one of those encouraging squeezes and his bright smile, and everythings okay again. Yeah, Im hooked. Oh, boy Publisher's Note This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that . . .

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Genre Contemporary Menage Carrie Trent has just become the photographer for a gay porn film company where committed couple Cal and Scotty are the stars the stars of the company and of every fantasy Carrie has. And now she has to be onset to photograph them while they have sex in a multitude of different moods and positions. Its driving her absolutely insane. She loves them, she really does, but her heart just cant take being on the outside looking in. Carrie cant quit, though, because the loan shark she thought was an old family friend wants his money right damn now and she just doesnt have it. Now her beautiful, sexy men are making her wonder if theyre really gay or maybe a little bit, justforher bi, and her financial troubles are pushing her down a really dangerous road. She's not good at asking for help, but she's not going to get out of her money mess on her own. Publisher's Note This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers . . .

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Sergeant Horatio Muir has fallen hard for the geneticallyengineered supersoldier he's been assigned to observe for the past several months. Now, when Keltys life hinges on the scientists who made him finding a cure for the illness slowly killing him, Muir might just be exactly what Kelty needs. Muir's willing to sacrifice anything to save his man, including his heart, but will it be enough

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During a bout of loneliness, Tucker naively posted a halfnaked photo of himself on Pronblr and requested that someone come cuddle him for the night. He really did mean cuddling, but he didnt intend for his friends to reblog his request since it also had his address attached. Now Tucker has Bill, his hairy, gorgeous, and straight older neighbor, pissed at him for being so stupid while a parade of strangers answer Tuckers plea...­whether he wants their attention or not. Tucker desperately needs someone to save him from himself, and Bill might just be that guy...

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Genre LGBT Contemporary Truman Durant has two painful secrets. One keeps him in the closet and the other hangs inside his closet. Letting either out seems like the equivalent of suicide to him. He didnt know just how badly he needed Stasi Manolis until he found himself in the pushy Greeks sights. Would giving up his secrets and maybe falling in love really be so bad Publisher's Note This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable malemale sexual practices.

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Truman Durant has two painful secrets. One keeps him in the closet and the other hangs inside his closet. Letting either out like the worst thing he could ever do. But then he met Stasi Manolis, a pushy Greek with his sights set on winning Truman’s trust. Could giving up his secrets and maybe falling in love really be so bad? Purchase the book at Smashwords.­com 43727 (approximate) 2016 by Fiction, Romance, New adult, Fiction, Gay & lesbian fiction, Gay English

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Two years ago, the small Southern Ohio town of Isherwood seemed to change overnight. Businesses were abandoned or sold and townsfolk just up and moved away. Now, those who were left behind are trying to keep their lives afloat on the hope that things will improve someday. Finn Webb is one of those people. His construction and remodeling company he runs with his sister is one of the largest employers left in town. Hes felt his world teetering on the edge of failure for so long, that saving an injured dog is a bright spark of life hes happy to hold onto. Cas Maine has come to Isherwood because thats where the road led. Hes tired, hungry and desperate for the acceptance and safety he once had in his birth pack. But crossing into town sees him shifting into his wolf form and unable to shift back. Then hes hit by a car only to be rescued by his one true mate. What follows is a series of events where a job outside of town lets Cas and Finn grow closer while also leading to the . . .

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Wylie Jones is perfectly OK with who he is now, but he's never let anyone get close enough to know he wasn't born male...­until he meets Grant Faraday, a guy who's never known who he really is at all due to a childhood spent on the road with a woman he thought was his mother.

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Rick knows his lover Danny has a secret and has been lying to Rick in order to keep it. Ricks pretty sure this secret has something to do with Danny seeing another man once a month for three days at a time. Determined to show his boyfriend that he can be everything Danny needs, Rick hatches a plan that ends up revealing way more than he couldve imagined.

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