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Riley has never been the kind of straight guy who sneers at gay men. Hell, most of his best friends are gay, and it doesn’t matter except when Riley wants to drink a plain old beer at the froufy bars they drag him to. He can look and appreciate, but dudes just don’t do it for him. Or so he thinks, right up until the new downstairs tenant arrives almost literally on Riley’s doorstep. The raging storm and motorcycle crash with which Kelly makes his entrance pale in comparison with the battle inside Kelly himself, once he gets to know Riley. Riley is damnably hot and nice, and exactly Kelly’s type, except for one little thing – according to all the evidence, Riley’s straight. Is love truly blind, or does it just wear blinders? Riley and Kelly need to figure it out before the labels and categories drive them irrevocably apart. Mandarin Orange: Sweet and Sour is the sequel to Lemon Yellow: Making Lemonade and Lime Green: Margarita Mondays.

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When Dr. Thomas Paulson receives a cryptic phone message from his very first boyfriend's mother after ten years, he leaps to the conclusion that JJJohnny Boudreaux is dead. His current lover, Alan, makes the same assumption. So imagine Thomas's surprise when returns to his home town to grieve and discovers that not only is JJ alive and well, but is getting ready to marry Thomas's old girlfriend. Life can be funny sometimes, and in the course of Thomas's visit he discovers a lot of things that force him to examine his own actions, past and in the present. He's made mistakes, but so has Alan who has flown to Oak Grove, Arkansas to try to help his lover and best friend. But Alan's interference makes things even worse, leading Thomas to believe that he's blown every chance at happiness he ever had.

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